Abdel Ghani Amar Remache, Ph.D

Director, English Language and Translation Program

Associate Professor

Al Ain Campus

+971 3 7024918



Applied Linguistics, University of Wales, Cardiff,UK

MEd with TEFL, University of Wales, Cardiff, UK

Certificate in ELT, Warwick University, UK

MA in Comparative Francophone Literature Studies, Universite Paris 13, France

BA in English Language Development, Universite de Constantine, Algeria

Research Interests

ELT. ESP. TESL. TEFL. Literary Criticism. 

Selected Publications

1. Remache, A. (2019). Changing the University Governance Paradigm in MENA: The UAE Example. TEM JOURNAL - Technology, Education, Management, Informatics. (SCOPUS) 

2. Remache, A & Belarbi, A. (2019). Adapting ICT in higher education in the developing world: influencing dynamics. International Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies (SCOPUS) 

3. Remache, A. (2018). Deconstructing Nostalgia for a Fairy-tale Algerian Past in Rachid Boudjedra's Literature. (International Journal of Francophone Studies) (SCOPUS)

4. Remache, A. & Ibrahim, M.K (2018). Business English Syllabus Design: Putting Students' Needs First. (International Journal of English Language and Literature Studies)

5. Remache, A. (2016). Developing Students’ Communicative Competence in University English Language Programs. International Journal of Arts and Sciences. Vol.9, No.1.

6. Remache, A. (2015). ESP Projects and the Coursebook Industry in the Middle East and North Africa: Aspirations for Change and Development. Global Business & Economics Anthology. (ISSN: 1553-1392).

7. Remache, A. (2014). The Impact of Authentic Materials on the Quality of Education. Global Business & Economics Anthology. Vol.1. (Won the 1st prize for the Distinguished Research Paper Award. AAU).

8. Remache, A. (2013). The Universality of Scientific Discourse. International Journal of English Language Teaching. Vol.1, No. 2, pp. 37-52.


Publications (Papers in French):

1. Remache, A. (2018). Panorama sur le Roman Algérien d’Expression Française : Espaces et Espérances. Synergies Algérie No 26.

2. Remache, A. (2014). Ecriture de l’errance et de la mémoire dans Le Nez sur la vitre d’Abdelkader Djemai. Synergie Algérie. No 21.

3. Remache, A. (2012). Relecture de “Timimoun” de Rachid Boudjedra, in www.latortueverte.com


1. Al Falah university 2nd Task Conference, Dubai. UAE. May 2018.

2. 30th Business & Economics Society International, Al Ain, UAE. January 2017.

3. International Conference for Academic Disciplines, Al Ain, UAE, February 2016.

4. 24th Business & Economics Society International, Al Ain, UAE. March 2015.

5. 23rd Business & Economics Society International, Abu Dhabi, UAE. January 2014.

6. 1st College of Education at AAU Conference. 2010.

Professional Experience

1. Assistant Professor, English Language and Translation Program, Al Ain University. 2007 to present.            

2. Instructor, the English Language Centre, King Abdulaziz University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.1991 – 2000.

Teaching Courses

Courses taught:

BA in English Language  and Translation:
Advanced Writing, Advanced Grammar, Applied Linguistics, Assessment and Classroom Environment, Teaching Composition, Reading Comprehension, Basic Grammar, English I & II, Writing Skills I & II, Listening & Speaking Skills I & II, French Language I, Capstone and Practicum, Phonetics & Phonology, Teaching Diverse Students, Thinking Skills, and Educational Psychology.


Postgraduate Professional Diploma in Education:

Foundations of Education, School Curriculum and UAE Curriculum, Classroom Management

TESOL Methods, Teaching Language Skills, Classroom Management & Environment, Language and Social Interaction, Theories of Learning and Development, and Evaluation in the TESOL Class.