Bachelor of Education in Special Education

  • Type : Undergraduate
  • Credit Hours : 126hrs
  • Language : Arabic
  • Campuses: Al Ain & Abu Dhabi


About the Program

Special Education is one of the programs that have been newly developed in the College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences at Al Ain University to become an independent program in the college. This Bachelor’s Degree Program was developed upon a request from Abu Dhabi Department of Education & Knowledge(ADEK) and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. This reflects the needs for this specialty in the UAE as it is also needed in the Arab world as a whole. However, this program aims to train teachers to teach students with special needs in regular classrooms, resource rooms, or in special education classes. 



The special Education Program at Al Ain University is aspiring to be a pioneering program in preparation of special education teachers who will be committed to meet the educational needs of all students with special educational needs. It also aspires to prepare special education professionals who strive to improve the quality of life of individuals with special needs.



The Special Education Program seeks to prepare candidates and qualify them to be special education teachers who are able to develop the services of this field by focusing on the principles and philosophy of inclusive education and integrating special education and regular education services under one roof and teaching all students regardless their abilities and needs in the same classroom, using various teaching modifications and adaptations to meet the educational needs of all students in class.


Program Goals

  1. Clarify the relationship between disability, development and learning and make use of this relationship in providing teaching experiences that are challenging to individuals with disabilities.
  2. Create safe and comprehensive teaching and learning environments that respond to cultural diversity, and make individuals with special needs active and effective learners characterized by positive social and emotional maturation.
  3. Employ the knowledge of regular and special education curricula for individualizing teaching process to students with special needs.
  4. Use multiple assessment methods and a variety of data sources in making educational decisions.
  5. Adapt and modify instructional strategies to fit the characteristics and capabilities of students with special needs to enhance their learning process.
  6. Employ knowledge, skills and ethical and professional principles in teaching students with special needs.
  7. Collaborate and communicate with families, educators and service providers for the benefit of individuals with special needs.
  8. Develop the relationship between individuals with special needs and the various institutions in the community in a manner that is culturally responsive to meet their needs across a range of teaching and learning experiences.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

S.No.Program Learning Outcomes
1 Determine the impact of family cultural, linguistic, social and economic diversity, developmental factors and individual differences on the learning of people with special needs.
2 Provide support and advice to general education teachers in order to create safe, inclusive, culturally and socially responsive learning environments.
3 Employ appropriate motivational teaching and behavioral interventions to teach individuals with special needs how to adapt to different environments.
4 Employ ethical and professional principles related to teaching and its fields.
5 Use the results of scientific research and objective and appropriate formal and informal assessment tests in order to make educational and behavioral decisions for individuals with special needs.
6 Adapt the educational experiences of individuals with special needs to suit their abilities and interests, and their teaching and learning environments.
7 Use augmentative and alternative communication technology and systems in assessment, educational planning and teaching for people with special needs.
8 Use multiple educational and behavioral strategies to improve behavior, communication skills, and language development for individuals with special needs.
9 Prepare educational plans, various learning experiences, behavior modification plans, and transition plans in cooperation with families of individuals with special needs and other professionals.
10 Provide the student with the skills of self-evaluation and professional development, which contributes to developing the ability to take responsibility and make decisions independently.


Job Opportunities 

  • Teacher in regular classes, resource rooms, or in special education classes to help students with special needs learn. 

Admission Requirements

  • UAE Secondary School Certificate (Science/Advance, Or General, Or Elite) or its equivalent approved by the UAE Ministry of Education, with a minimum average of 60%.
  • Students who have obtained a Secondary School Certificate with (less than 60%) may be accepted, provided they enroll in (3) remedial courses for one semester from outside the program curriculum, which will not be counted in the cumulative GPA. The selection of these courses is based on the specialization and relevant grades in high school and includes subjects such as; (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Arabic Language, and English Language).

Graduation Requirements

To obtain a Bachelor degree in Special Education, a student must successfully complete 126 credit hours, with a minimum (CGPA) of 2 out of 4.

Study Plan


Guidance Plan

Course Description


الدولةدار النشرتاريخ النشرالمؤلفاسم الكتابالرقم
الامارات الكتاب الجامعي 2016 د. عماد عبدالرحيم الزغول مبادئ علم النفس التربوي 1
الأردن دار المسيرة 2015 د. أسامة البطاينة ، مالك الرشدان صعوبات التعلم النظرية والممارسة 2
الامارات الكتاب الجامعي 2016 د. كمال سالم سيسالم مدخل إلى التربية الخاصة 3
الأردن المسيرة 2011 بطرس حافظ بطرس إعاقات النمو الشاملة 4
الأردن المسيرة 2011 مصطفى نوري القمش الإعاقة العقلية  5
  مكتبة المتنبي 2014 صائب كامل اللالازياد كامل اللالا  المدخل إلى الموهبة والتفوق والإبداع  6
الأردن المسيرة 2010 بطرس حافظ بطرس تكييف المناهج للطلبة ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة 7
الأردن المسيرة 2013 أسامة فاروق مصطفى اضطرابات التواصل بين النظرية والتطبيق 8
الأردن المسيرة 2013 كمال سيسالم الدمج في مدارس التعليم العام وفصوله 9
الأردن المسيرة 2013 محمد مصطفى العبسي ‘طرق تدريس الرياضيات لذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة 10
الأردن المسيرة 2014 عبدالله الكيلانيفاروق الروسان تشخيص وتقويم الطلبة ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة 11
الاردن دارحنين 2015 جمال الخطيبمنى الحديديعبدالعزيز السرطاوي إرشاد ذوي الحاجات الخاصة وأسرهم 12
الاردن المسيرة للنشر والتوزيع والطباعة 2014 احمد عبداللطيف ابو اسعد تعديل السلوك الانساني النظرية والتطبيق 13
الاردن دار الفكر 2015 جمال الخطيبمنى الحديدي التدخل المبكر التربية الخاصة في الطفولة المبكرة 14
الاردن المسيرة للنشر والتوزيع والطباعة 2015 اسامة محمد البطاينةمالك احمد الرشدانعبيد عبدالكريم السبايلةعبدالمجيد محمد الخطاطبة صعوبات التعلم النظرية والممارسة 15
العين: الامارات العربية المتحدة دار الكتاب الجامعي 2009 الشيخلي، خالد خليل سيكولوجية الطفولة والمراهقة 16

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