Bachelor of Education in Special Education

  • Type : Undergraduate
  • Credit Hours : 126hrs
  • Language : Arabic
  • Campuses: Al Ain & Abu Dhabi


About the Program

Special education is one of the programs that have been newly developed in the Faculty of Education at Al Ain University to become part of a recently developed department called the “Department of Humanities and Social Sciences”. This Bachelor's Degree Program was developed upon a request from Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. This reflects the needs for this specialty in the UAE as it is also needed by the Arab world as a whole. However, this program aims to rehabilitate the teachers to qualify them to teach students with special needs in regular classrooms or in resource rooms, or in special education classes to help them solve their problems in learning.



The Special Education Program at Al Ain University is aspiring to be a pioneering program in preparation of special education teachers who will be committed to meet the educational needs of all students with special educational needs. It also aspires to prepare special education professionals who strive to improve the quality of life of individuals with special needs.



The Special Education Program at Al Ain University seeks to prepare teachers in the field of special education who will be able to develop special education services through focusing on the principles and philosophy of inclusive education. It also strives to integrate special and regular education services under one roof which is the inclusive classroom, using various teaching accommodations and modifications to meet the educational needs of all students in the class.


Program Goals

  • Clarify the relationship between disability, growth, and learning; and benefit from this relationship in proving teaching and learning experiences that challenge people with special needs.
  • Create safe and comprehensive teaching and learning environments that respond to cultural diversity, and make individuals with special needs active and effective learners characterized by positive social and emotional maturation.
  • Employ the knowledge of regular and special education curricula for individualizing teaching process to students with special needs.
  • Use multiple assessment methods and a variety of data sources in making educational decisions.
  • Adapt and modifying instructional strategies to fit the characteristics and capabilities of students with special needs to enhance their learning process.
  • Employ knowledge, skills and ethical and professional principles in teaching students with special needs.
  • Employ educational practices used in special education for the advancement of the profession and long-life learning.
  • Collaborate and communicate with families, educators and service providers for the benefit of individuals with special needs.
  • Develop the relationship between individuals with special needs and the various institutions in the community in a manner that is culturally responsive to meet their needs across a range of teaching and learning experiences.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

#Program Learning OutcomesAligned with L7 QFE Descriptors
1 Explain the impact of language, culture, growth factors, individual differences, and family background on the learning process of children with special needs. QFE 6
2 Cooperate with regular education teachers and other colleagues to create a safe, inclusive and responsive teaching and learning environments that are culturally and socially responsive to involve individuals with special needs in purposeful and meaningful learning activities. QFE 1
3 Employ teaching and motivational interventions appropriate to teach individuals with special needs on how to adapt with different environments. QFE 2
4 Employ general and specific knowledge of content and its teaching fields to construct individual learning and teaching programs for children with special needs. QFE 3
5 Use formal, informal, objective and appropriate assessment tests in order to make educational decisions for individuals with special needs. QFE 6,11
6 Adapt educational experiences for children with special needs to fit their abilities, interests, and their teaching and learning environments. QFE 3,4
7 Use alternative technology and communication augmentative systems in assessing, planning and teaching children with special needs QFE 4,7
8 Use educational mastering and generalization strategies for children with special needs to improve their communication skills and language development. QFE 2,3,4
9 Collaborate with families of children with special needs and other professionals to prepare educational plans, various learning experiences and transition plans for children with special needs. QFE 7,8
10 Make individuals with special needs acquire the knowledge and skills related to critical thinking and problem solving. QFE 2,8
11 Employ ethical and professional principles in educational practices with children with special needs. QFE 11
12 Clarify the impact of family, cultural, social and economic diversity in the provision of special education services. QFE 6
13 Provide educational guidance for teachers, Para-educators and volunteers in teaching children with special needs. QFE 5,11


Job Opportunities 

  • Teacher in regular classes, resource rooms, or in special education classes to help students with special needs learn. 

Admission Requirements

  • UAE Secondary School Certificate (Science/advance Or Arts/general) or its equivalent approved by the UAE Ministry of Education, with a minimum average of 60% or Technical Certificate with a minimum average of 65% approved by the Ministry of Education.
  • Obtain Arabic language proficiency certificate (EMSAT) with a score not less than (1000).

Graduation Requirements

To obtain a Bachelor degree in Arabic Languages and Islamic Studies Education, a student must successfully complete 126 credit hours, with a minimum (CGPA) of 2 out of 4.

Study Plan

Course No Course Title CR.H. Prerequisite
First: General University Education (33) CR. H.
(1) Compulsory Courses (27) CR.H.
0102120 Computer Skills 3  
0201111A Science and Life 3  
0401120 English (1) 3  
0401121 English (2) 3 0401120
0405100 Arabic Language 3  
0406110 Islamic Culture 3  
0408100A Introduction to Psychology 3  
0501170A Fund. of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3  
0508203A Scientific Research Methodology 3  
(2) Elective Courses (6) CR.H.
The Student is required to choose only one course from Each of the following groups:
(a) Society and Civilization (3) CR.H.
0406100 Arabs and Muslims’ Contributions to Arts & Science 3  
0408101A Physical Education & Health 3  
0409100 Ethical Awareness 3  
0409101 Arab Society 3  
0409102 Environmental Awareness 3  
(b) Managerial Skills (3) CR.H.
0303100 Law and Society 3  
0408103 Thinking Skills 3  
0408104 Self-Assessment 3  
0501100 Introduction to Time Management 3  
0501150 Leadership and Teamwork 3  
Second: Compulsory College Requirements (15) CR.H.
0402100A Educational Psychology 3 0408100A
0402101A Teaching Diverse Students 3  
0402201A Curriculum and Instruction 3  
0402202A Foundations of Education 3  
0402203A Educational Technology 3 0102120
Third: Specialization Courses (75) CR.H.
(1) Compulsory Courses (66) CR.H.
0403121 Introduction to Special Education 3  
0403123 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 3 0403121
0403124 Early Intervention Programs and Services 3 0403121
0403125 Daily Living Skills of Children with Special Needs 3 0403121
0403146 Collaboration Between Home and School 3 0403121
0403147 Current Trends and Issues in Special Education 3 0403121
0403148 Gift and Talent 3 0403121
0403226 Learning Difficulties 3 0403121
0403231 Applied Behavior Analysis 3 0403121
0403232 Child Normal and Abnormal Development 3 0403121
0403233 Behavioral and Emotional Disorders 3 0403121
0403234 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 3 0403121 - 0403232
0403235 Integration and Inclusion for Children with Special Needs 3 0403121
0403237 Communication Disorders 3 0403121
0403321 Diagnosis and Assessment of Children with Special Needs 3 0403121
0403423 Assistive and Adaptive Technology for Children with Special Needs 3 0403203A-0403121
0403431 Teaching Reading and Writing to Children with Special Needs 3 0403121
0403432 Teaching Math to Children with Special Needs 3 0403121
0403490 Practicum in Special Education 9  
0403491 Capstone 3  
(2) Elective Courses (9) CR.H.
0408232 Psychological Measurements and Tests 3 0408100A
0408234 Principles of Descriptive Statistics 3 0102120
0408325 Social Psychology 3 0408100A
0408433 Children’s Psychological Problems 3 0408100A
Fourth: Free Elective Courses (3) CR.H.
- - 3  

Guidance Plan

Course Description

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