Research Groups


Gender and Education

Many studies reveal that female students have been outpacing their male counterparts in terms of enrolment numbers as well as academic performance in many countries, including the United Arab Emirates.

The aim of this project is to examine the psychological and social factors underlying this phenomenon. The project is analysing the trends of students’ enrolments, graduation and course selection in higher education institutions. The project will also examine if the existing teaching practices widen this gap.

The project’s purpose is to provide education practice solutions to help close the gender gap by surveying the opinions of educators and experts in the education field. Awareness of this issue is important for educators of all backgrounds and levels. It is intended to suggest a set of policy recommendations to rectify gender imbalances in education.

Project Duration: 3 years

Project Lead:
Dr. Sanaa Ashour


Research Team:
Dr. Yousef Abu Humaidan
Dr. Eman Zaitoun
Dr. Sumaya Daoud


Multiple Intelligences and Deaf Education

Applying the theory of multiple intelligences(MI) will promote the development of deaf education. The project discusses the multiple intelligences theory and its application in deaf education. The application of multiple intelligences can help students learn from each other, lay a solid foundation for their development and increase their learning capabilities.

The project aims to identify the level of multiple intelligences among deaf adult students, scan the requirements of deaf education by surveying students with this special need; identify the appropriate teaching methods for deaf students; suggest a variety of methods to stimulate students' potential intelligences and suggest some practical advice for the education practice of this group of students.

Project duration: 2 years

Project Lead:
Dr. Jamal Abuattiyeh

Project Team
Dr. Ziad El-laha
Dr. Sanaa Ashour