Financial Aid and Scholarships


Academic Scholarships

The purpose of the Scholarships and Financial Aid fund is to offer financial grants to students who excel academically or in extracurricular activities.

Academic Grants for the General Secondary School students
first five students in the country. Full grant.
Sstudentsting 95% and above (Scientific or Literary Stream). 30% discount on the fees for the credit hours they register in.
Students getting 90% - 94.9% (Scientific or Literary Stream). 25% discount on the fees of the credit hour fees.


Scholarships for the University’s Students
Academic excellence 40% discount for University’s honor list of the credit hours.

30% of the College’s honor list from the fees of the credit hours.

(Student should successfully completing a minimum of 15 credit hours in the first or second semester with a GPA of at least 3.6).
Brothers and Relatives 20% discount of the credit hours fees for the brothers registered in each semester (Exception of the first one).
Parents, sons and daughters, and spouses registered in each semester are treated as brothers.
Students who lose their breadwinner 50% of the student’s tuition fees and continues until the student is awarded a Bachelor Degree by AAU.

The following rules govern this type of grant:

  • The student must have lost their breadwinner while studying at the university.
  • As attested death certificate shall be submitted.
  • The student has not been awarded another scholarship from any other official party.
  • The student will only benefit from this grant in the semester following the submission of the relevant death certificate.
  • The student does not have other resources which enable him/her to continue his/her university studies.
Children of Employees 50% of the credit hour fees for the sons and daughters of the university’s academic and administrative staff.
Exception of graduate students.
Outstanding Students in extracurricular activities Scholarship for one semester with a specific percentage



Humanitarian Assistance and “Contribution” Fund

The University also provides humanitarian assistance to students who have harsh financial conditions preventing them from completing their undergraduate studies.

Humanitarian Aid
The University offers grants for one semester for students who cannot afford to pursue their studies.
“Contribution” Fund
The funds come from the donations and grants from bodies that wish to help students facing financial difficulties.



Applying for a Humanitarian Aid Scholarship 

General Instructions
  1. Applications are only submitted through the University's Official Website.
  2. These scholarships are limited to undergraduate students only.
  3. The minimum GPA for obtaining the Humanitarian Aid discount is 2.5.
  4. The Humanitarian Aid discount is not obtained if you are entitled to any other deduction (excellence, sibling, ... etc.) in the semester in which you applied.
  5. You must strictly follow the application steps below in order for it to be considered.
  1. Scholarships and discounts do not apply to English Levels exams, registration fees, or extracurricular activities’ fees.
  2. These scholarships cover the fees for the first and second semester only.
  3. Scholarships and discounts do not apply to students funded by outside parties.
  4. The students should not collect two scholarships at the same time. The highest of the two will be considered eligible for the scholarships.
  5. The scholarships is not applicable to repeated courses.
  6. No student shall be entitled to a scholarship during the semester where s/he was given an academic warning.
  7. No student shall be entitled to a scholarship if due to disciplinary punitive.
  8. Scholarships and discounts are not given retroactively.
  9. Scholarships and discounts are not applied on summer courses.
  10. No students shall be entitled to postpone studying during the grant period.
  11. A granted student must pay the financial obligations on time.
  12. Students with grants are expected to be an example of commitment to the rules of conduct at the university.

If you are facing any issues, please contact with below emails: