Bachelor of Arts in Applied Sociology

  • Type : Undergraduate
  • Credit Hours : 126hrs
  • Language : Arabic
  • Campuses: Al Ain & Abu Dhabi


About the Program

The College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences offers the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Sociology Program, which aspires to actively contribute to the development of the UAE society, preparing socially qualified cadres acquainted with knowledge, science and modern technology as well as the ability to employ them in solving social problems efficiently for the sake of building a better society.



Applied Sociology Program at Al Ain University seeks to be a pioneer educational center in this field, and looks forward to actively participate in developing the UAE community through preparing highly efficient social, professional cadres, acquainted with the knowledge and ability to use them to change the world in which they live to a better world.



The Applied Sociology Program seeks to be a center of excellence that responds to the needs of the labor market, and prepares cadres able to study and treat contemporary social issues and problems in the light of its commitment to the highest quality standards in teaching, research, and interaction with the community; and as dictated by the best practice in the field. The program is keen to keep updated scientific developments in theory and practice and to strengthen its relationship with the institutions and organizations of local private and public societies working in different social fields.


Program Goals

  • Enabling students to derive the theoretical issues and indicators that are applicable in certain areas, such as family, work institutions, hospitals, schools, and others.
  • Training students to conduct quantitative and qualitative social research in social systems, issues, changes and service institutions, and to use statistical methods and software appropriately to organize and analyze data.
  • Enabling students to use theories, methods, and insights of sociology, in sociological studies designed to enlighten the social policy-makers and decision-makers about the social issues of concern to their community.
  • Preparing students to contribute to the development of solutions to social problems that are discovered through social research and studies.
  • Supplying decision makers with applied scientific studies that are necessary for the process of social planning, and for drawing social policies and designing projects and services in various fields.
  • Providing students with the skills and abilities that enable them to observe the social problems and issues that deserve empirical study, so as to provide recommendations and solutions that can contribute to addressing these problems and issues and developing appropriate solutions.


Learning Outcomes

#Program Learning OutcomesAligned with L7 QFE Descriptors
1 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the basic theories in sociology and related concepts such as culture and its relationship to the social structure and forms. QFE 1,2,3
2 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the impact of demographic and social changes and others on social structures and individuals, the impact of social institutions on each other. QFE 1,3
3 Describe similarities and differences between the theories of sociology, and explain how Applied Sociology contributes to the understanding of the human experience in its historical and geographical context and social structures. QFE 1,3,8
4 Determine the relationship between culture and the social structure and its impact on the various community institutions, and its role in solving community problems. QFE 4,6,8
5 Acquire the necessary skills to conduct quantitative and qualitative social research, which contribute to the construction of sociological knowledge. QFE 2,9,10
6 Express positive attitudes through participation in projects and tasks that are handled by specialists in Applied Sociology and their impact on self-development. QFE 3,9,10
7 Evaluate social research critically, and understanding and applying social research ethics to achieve the social role. QFE 5,11
8 Explain the effects of the interactions of social institutions to individuals and society through social project assessment, and drawing appropriate policies to achieve social role. QFE 4,6
9 Identify relevant information and the knowledge related to Sociology, and determining their sources and the ability to get them to help professional and self-development. QFE 2,3,5
10 Describe the importance of the differences between social groups and between cultures, and describing the social and cultural trends and clarifying the relationship between beliefs and behavior that help in developing social sense. QFE 4,7,10


Job Opportunities 

  • Works in every level of the local and national government to solve societal problems and create a community that serves all people equally.

Admission Requirements

  • UAE Secondary School Certificate (Science/advance Or Arts/general) or its equivalent approved by the UAE Ministry of Education, with a minimum average of 60% or Technical Certificate with a minimum average of 65% approved by the Ministry of Education.
  • Obtain Arabic language proficiency certificate (EMSAT) with a score not less than (1000).

Graduation Requirements

To obtain a  Bachelor degree of Arts in Applied Sociology Education, a student must successfully complete 126 credit hours, with a minimum  (CGPA) of 2 out of 4.

Study Plan

Course No Course Title CR.H. Prerequisite
First: General University Education (33) C R.H.
(1) Compulsory Courses (27) CR.H.
0102120 Computer Skills 3  
0201111A Science and Life 3  
0401120 English(1) 3  
0401121 English(2) 3 0401120
0405100 Arabic Language 3  
0406110 Islamic Culture 3  
0408100A Introduction to Psychology 3  
0501170A Fund. of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3  
0508203A Scientific Research Methodology 3  
(2) Elective Courses (6) CR.H.
The student is required to choose Only One course from each of the following groups:
(a) Society and Civilization (3) CR.H.
0406100 Arabs and Muslims' Contributions to Arts and Science 3  
0408101A Physical Education & Health 3  
0409100 Ethical Awareness 3  
0409101 Arab Society 3  
0409102 Environmental Awareness 3  
(b) Managerial Skills (3) CR.H.
0303100 Law and Society 3  
0408103 Thinking Skills 3  
0408104 Self-Assessment 3  
0501100 Introduction to Time Management 3  
0501150 Leadership and Teamwork 3  
Second: Compulsory College Requirements (15) CR. H.
0402100A Educational Psychology 3 0408100A
0402101A Teaching Diverse Students 3  
0402201A Curriculum and Instruction 3  
0402202A Foundations of Education 3  
0402203A Educational Technology 3 0102120
Third: Specialization Courses (75) CR.H.
(1) Compulsory Courses (66) CR.H.
0409111 Introduction to Applied Sociology 3  
0409121 Methodology of Applied Sociology 3 0409122
0409122 Applied social Statistics 3 0101120
0409212 Modern Sociological Theory 3 0409111
0409241 Ethics in Applied Sociology 3  
0409261 Rural and Urban Sociology 3 0409111 & 04009362
0409264 Sociology of Family 3 0409111
0409331 Educational Sociology 3  
0409332 Environmental Sociology 3 0409111
0409333 Criminal Sociology 3 0409111
0409334 Sociology of Juvenile Delinquency 3 0409333
0409335 Sociology of Work 3 0409111
0409351 Social Skills 3 0409121
0409362 Sociology and Demography 3 0409111& 0409122
0409363 Drugs and Society 3 0409111
0409465 Social Change 3 0409111
0409466 Social Policy 3 0409111& 0409212
0409470 Seminar in Applied Sociology 3 0409121
0409490 Practicum 9  
0409495 Seminar on Research Projects’ Evaluation 3 0409122
(3) Elective Courses (9) CR.H.
0408325 Social Psychology 3 0408100A
0409267 Social Institutions Management 3 0409111
0409336 Sociology of Tourism 3 0409111
0409337 Sociology of Law 3 0409111
0409369 Societal Violence 3 0409111
0409113 Political and Economic Sociology 3 0409111
Free Elective Courses ( 3) CR.H.
- - 3  

Guidance Plan

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