Bachelor in Arabic Language and Literature

  • Type : Undergraduate
  • Credit Hours : 126hrs
  • Language : Arabic
  • Campuses: Al Ain & Abu Dhabi


About the Program

The College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences offers a bachelor's program (Arabic Language and Literature), where the university decided to start opening this program in response to market requirements and the local community’s need for it, and through which the college aspires to contribute effectively to the development of the UAE society by preparing qualified cadres that employ the Arabic language, literature and technologies and absorb the heritage of the nation, and is open to the curricula and visions of others, in line with the framework of the national qualifications system for the United Arab Emirates.



The BA program (Arabic Language and Literature) at Al Ain University aspires to be a leading educational center in disseminating literary, linguistic and critical knowledge and preparing professional cadres specialized in literary and linguistic studies according to the educational system of the United Arab Emirates.


Spreading literary, linguistic and critical knowledge within an educational system characterized by integration, development and openness, and preparing specialists in literary and linguistic studies, equipped with adequate communication skills, and qualified to apply this knowledge and experiences in research fields, and in all fields of work that require the employment of Arabic, its literature and techniques, absorbing the heritage of the nation, and open to curricula and perspectives of others, affirming the values of belonging, developing critical thinking, self-learning and teamwork.



  • Preserving and enhancing the place of the Arabic language in Arab and international societies, in general, and Emirati society, in particular.
  • Highlighting the importance of Arabic grammar and literary methods, as it is the solid foundation for understanding the texts of the Qur’an, the Prophet’s hadith, and the Arabic linguistic heritage of poetry, prose, and others.
  • Achieving quality in teaching Arabic language and literature to students specialized in various career fields.
  • Developing students’ language skills through an effective communication process and developing their literary and critical skills in a scientific, technical environment based on self-learning and collaboration.
  • Contributing to serving the local community through implementing developmental programs for language skills and literary methods among employees, writers, and the like.
  • Enabling students to practice scientific research related to Arabic language sciences and literature, in accordance with quality assurance standards.


Learning Outcomes


#Program Learning Outcomes Level 7 Specifications (Concise)

demonstrate specialized knowledge and motivation to innovation, self-learning and cooperative learning in the study of the Arabic language and its literature and related concepts, principles, theories, skills, directions, rules and relevant standards.



employ the Arabic grammar in morphology, grammar and rhetoric to enhance its effective communication skills: reading, writing and speaking, and improving his understanding of the various religious and traditional texts.


choose appropriate research, critical and technical means and methodologies to distinguish between the ages of Arabic Literature, ancient and modern, their multiple artistic trends, their literary and linguistic schools, and their theories and applications.


employ reflective thinking, critical analysis and self-evaluation skills in developing knowledge, skills and values related to the Arabic language and literature.


develop the linguistic and literary skills acquired with its research, technical and leadership dimensions, which contribute to maintaining the Arabic language and its literature, and solving problems related to its use in daily life in the areas of social communication, scientific publishing and technical development in innovative ways.


appreciate the role of scientific, research and technological developments in uncovering the theoretical and material historical cradle of the relationship of Arab culture with other human cultures, and enhancing its immediate and future role in advancing humanity.


shoulder his responsibilities towards spreading the Arabic language and its literature, establishing affiliation with it, wanting to learn and teach it, understanding the various religious and heritage texts and following its morals.


Aligning the learning outcomes of the Bachelor program (Arabic Language and Literature) with the concise National Qualifications System / Level Seven 7.


Job Opportunities

  • It should be noted that this program is one of the sciences needed by all state educational, educational, cultural and media institutions, and training departments in different ministries and institutions.

Admission Requirements

  • UAE Secondary School Certificate (Science/Advance, Or General, Or Elite) or its equivalent approved by the UAE Ministry of Education, with a minimum average of 60%.
  • Students who have obtained a Secondary School Certificate with (less than 60%) may be accepted, provided they enroll in (3) remedial courses for one semester from outside the program curriculum, which will not be counted in the cumulative GPA. The selection of these courses is based on the specialization and relevant grades in high school and includes subjects such as; (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Arabic Language, and English Language).

Graduation Requirements

  • The student completes (126) credit hours of the courses of the study plan.
  • The student completes the program requirements in a period of no less than (6) semesters and no more than (14) semesters.
  • The student obtains a GPA of no less than (2.00) on the scale (4)

Study Plan


Guidance Plan

Course Description

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