Postgraduate Professional Diploma in Teaching

  • Type : Diploma
  • Credit Hours : 24hrs
  • Language : Arabic & English
  • Campuses: Al Ain & Abu Dhabi


About the Program

The Postgraduate Professional Diploma in Teaching program has been designed for teachers and educators who already hold undergraduate degrees but wish to obtain a professional qualification in teaching. The period of study in the Professional Diploma in Teaching is one year. The program has been fully accredited by The Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) of the Ministry of Education in 2020 /2021.



The Postgraduate Professional Diploma in Teaching Program at Al Ain University aspires to become a pioneer in preparing teachers and educational leaders who are committed to life-long professional development in a changing world. It also aspires to provide outstanding learning services to improve the lives of individuals in particular and human life in general.



The mission of the Postgraduate Professional Diploma in Teaching Program is represented in its efforts to prepare teachers and educational leaders and in improving the teaching-learning process through focusing on active learning, research and technology by using clinical experiences and by cooperation with individuals and organizations concerned with education locally, regionally and internationally.


Program Goals

The Professional Diploma in Teaching program aims to:

  • Empowering student-teachers with theoretical knowledge related to the field of education; such as school curricula design and development, theories of learning and human growth, the basics of classroom management, and teaching methods associated with various school subjects.
  • Providing student-teachers with the necessary competencies needed to improve their technical and administrative performance within learning and teaching environments and contexts; such as planning, teaching, assessment and classroom management skills.
  • Providing student-teachers with positive values and attitudes towards the teaching profession that enhances their ability to adhere to the ethics of the profession, take into account their students’ individual differences, and respond to the special needs of the Emirati society.
  • Developing student-teachers’ ability of self-learning, critical and creative thinking, leadership and problem solving through field training and teaching based on research and scientific investigation, and the employment of modern technologies.
  • Building effective community partnerships with governmental and private educational institutions and individuals, and other organizations associated with educational development locally, regionally and internationally.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

#Program Learning OutcomesAligned with L8 QFE Descriptors
1 Demonstrate knowledge of concepts, theories and skills related to the learners’ majors and teaching-learning process associated with curricula, teaching methods, techniques, theories of development, and classroom management. 1, 2
2 Apply knowledge, skills and acquired values to improve their students’ performance by using research, experimentation, analysis, critique, comparison and evaluation. 1, 3, 6, 7, 8
3 Employ evolving educational, scientific, cultural and technological knowledge in designing effective instructional plans and in securing safe and attractive instructional learning environments. 4, 8
4 Utilize available scientific resources practical experiences to develop instructors’ and their students’ skills self-learning, cooperative learning, effective communication, problem solving, decision-making and responsibility undertaking. 3, 5, 6, 7
5 Use academic ethical practices in learning and teaching situations to promote their professional performance and to reinforce the social values and culture of the Emirati society. 3, 9


Job Opportunities 

  • Teaching at the preparatory and secondary stages, based on specialization.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor degree in a similar specialization or its equivalent approved by the UAE Ministry of Education, with a minimum (GPA) of (2 out of 4), or its equivalent on the Bachelor level.
  • Obtain Arabic language proficiency certificate (EMSAT) with a score not less than (1000).

Graduation Requirements

To obtain a Diploma degree from the College of Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences, a student must successfully complete 24 credit hours, with a minimum GPA of 2 out of 4.

Study Plan

Course No Course Title CR.H.
Compulsory Requirements (18 CR.H.)
0401521E Educational Psychology 3
0401523E Instructional Technology 3
0401524E Classroom Management 3
0401525E School Curriculum and U.A.E. Curriculum 3
0401551E Practicum 6
Elective Requirements (6 CR.H.) The student is required to choose ONLY ONE course from each of the following groups
1) Elective Courses (3 CR.H.)
Depending on the student’s specialization
0402529 Methods of Teaching English 3
0402531 Methods of Teaching IT 3
0402532 Methods of Teaching Science 3
0401534 Methods of Teaching Math 3
Elective Courses (3 CR.H.)
0402525E Teaching Diversified Groups 3
0402526E Foundations of Education 3
0402527E Research Methodology 3



Guidance Plan

Course Description


No.CourseCourse NameBook Name & Alternative bookAuthorPublication Pub. Date
1 0401524 الإدارة الصفية Classroom Management for Middle and High School Teachers Emmer, Edmund T.; Carolyn M. Evertson & Murray E. Worshamترجمة: زينب كبة و محمد سليمان دار الكتاب الجامعي- العين 2013
2 0401524E Classroom Management. Classroom Management for Middle and High School Teachers Emmer, Edmund T.; Carolyn M. Evertson & Murray E. Worsham Pearson Education Publisher, USA 2003

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