Bachelor of Education - English Language Teacher Education

  • Type : Undergraduate
  • Credit Hours : 126hrs
  • Language : English
  • Campuses: Al Ain & Abu Dhabi


About the Program

The English Language Teacher Education Program is designed to provide an array of courses that familiarize students not only with the mechanics of the English Language as a whole, but with progressive methods of teaching literature, writing, and communication skills. Furthermore, course instructors employ a variety of teaching methods including active learning, digital language and microteaching labs to achieve stated objectives.

In order to graduate, students need to successfully complete a total of 126 credit hours. Students study General University Education courses (33 CR.H.), compulsory college requirements (15 CR.H.), compulsory core courses (42 CR.H.), compulsory professional courses (24 CR.H.), elective courses (9 CR.H.), and free elective courses (3 CR.H.).

The study plan is divided into 8 semesters (Fall and Spring). The suggested study plan does not include summer semesters which are optional for students and this means that if they do decide to study in the summer, students will be able to graduate in less than 4 years.

During the final semester of study, the student teachers in the department are required to teach learners in the local schools. As stated in the course description for the Practicum (Clinical Practice), “The aim of this course is to provide candidates with an opportunity to spend a full semester of student teaching in one of the schools. During the course, candidates are expected to demonstrate mastery of all standards for beginning teachers that have been adopted by the College of Education teacher programs.”.

The evaluation of students occurs in many contexts, this is done through exams, quizzes, homework assignments, projects and class participation. These tools are used to determine how well each student meets the outcomes of each course, and they complement each other in order to provide the grade given to each student.
The Department requires a minimum GPA of 2.0 out of 4.0 in order for any student to graduate. Some of these instruments used to reach decisions intended to improve the program and its outcomes include presentations, mid-term and final exams, projects, quizzes, term papers, students’ portfolio, and practicum.



To provide one of the most comprehensive English Language Education programs for teachers in the UAE, the region, and the world.



Preparing highly-qualified English language teachers that are capable of teaching English creatively. Also, enhancing the future-teachers' ability to contribute positively to the advancement of language teaching and the educational process in the UAE.


Program Goals

The English Language Teacher Education Program aims to:

  • Provide prospective English teachers with the central concepts, knowledge, and tools of inquiry needed for the teaching of English.
  • Develop prospective English teachers with pedagogical skills including the use of technology as well as the English language skills needed for the teaching profession.
  • Develop the prospective English teachers’ analytical skills, critical thinking skills, communicative skills, and reflective skills to become competent and employable English teachers.
  • Provide prospective English teachers with the skills needed to ensure their continued learning, reflective teaching, and professional development.
  • Prepare prospective teachers to be role models and community leaders in order to positively impact the school, their community, and society as a whole.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

#Program Learning OutcomesAligned with L7 QFE Descriptors
1 Demonstrate proficiency in English language concepts and skills and serve as a good language model. QFE 1,3
2 Apply content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge in their teaching. QFE 2,4
3 Use critical thinking skills, communicative and reflective skills in their teaching. QFE 2,4
4 Demonstrate mastery of life-long learning skills and continuous professional development. QFE 5,9,10
5 Demonstrate competency in social and cultural skills needed to become role model teachers to help improve the school community and the society as a whole. QFE 6,8
6 Analyze the different teaching methodologies and select the most appropriate to serve their purpose. QFE 3,5
7 Demonstrate knowledge of Instructional Technology techniques to support and foster interaction in the classroom. QFE 4,7
8 Attain an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility and act accordingly in school and society. QFE 9,11


Job Opportunities 

  • English Language Teacher for the preparatory and secondary stages. 
  • English speaking media corporations (audio, visual and written).

Admission Requirements

  • UAE Secondary School Certificate (Science/advance Or Arts/general) or its equivalent approved by the UAE Ministry of Education, with a minimum average of 60% or Technical Certificate with a minimum average of 65% approved by the Ministry of Education
  • A valid English Language Proficiency Certificate in one of the below certificates or its equivalent, at least as the following:
1100 500 61 173 5

Graduation Requirements

To obtain a Bachelor degree of EDUCATION - ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHER EDUCATION, a student must successfully complete 126 credit hours, with a minimum.

Study Plan

Course No Course Title CR.H. Prerequisite
First: General University Education (33) CR.H.
(1) Compulsory Courses (27) CR.H.
0102120 Computer Skills 3  
0201111 Science and Life 3  
0401120 English(1) 3  
0401121 English (2) 3 0401120
0405100 Arabic Language 3  
0406110 Islamic Culture 3  
0408100 Introduction to Psychology 3  
0508203 Scientific Research Skills 3  
0501170 Fund. of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3  
(2) Elective Courses (6) CR.H.
The student is required to choose Only One course from each of the following groups:
(a) Society and Civilization (3) CR.H.
0406100 Arabs and Muslims’ Contributions to Arts & Science 3  
0408101A Physical Education & Health 3  
0409100 Ethical Awareness 3  
0409101 Arab Society 3  
0409102 Environmental Awareness 3  
(b) Managerial Skills (3) CR.H.
0303100 Law and Society 3  
0408103 Thinking Skills 3  
0408104 Self-Assessment 3  
0501100 Introduction to Time Management 3  
0501150 Leadership and Teamwork 3  
Second: Compulsory College Requirements (15) CR.H.
0402100 Educational Psychology 3 0408100
0402101 Teaching Diverse Students 3  
0402201 Curriculum and Instruction 3  
0402202 Foundations of Education 3  
0402203 Educational Technology 3 0102120
Third: Specialization Courses (51) CR.H.
(1) Compulsory Courses (42) CR.H.
0401230 Basic Grammar 3 0401120
0401220 Reading Comprehension 3 0401120
0401221 Listening and Speaking Skills 1 3 0401120
0401222 Listening and Speaking Skills 2 3 0401221
0401223 Writing Skills 1 3 0401230
0401224 Writing Skills 2 3 0401223
0401231 Phonetics and Phonology 1 3 0401222
0401320 Advanced Writing 3 0401224
0401330 Introduction to Linguistics 3 0401121
0401300 Survey of English/American Literature 3 0401220
0401331 Advanced Grammar 3 0401230
0401332 Phonetics and Phonology 2 3 0401231
0401400 Children's Literature 3 0401121
0401430 Applied Linguistics 3 0401330
(2) Elective Courses (9) CR.H.
0401200 Introduction to Literature 3 0401220
0401333 Translation 3 0401230
0401431 Language and Society 3 0401121
0401315 English for Specific Purposes 3 0401121
0401415 English for Job Applications 3 0401121
0404101 French Language 1 3  
Fourth: Compulsory Supporting Professional Courses (24) CR.H.
0401321 Teaching Composition 3 0401320
0401420 Teaching Literature 3 0401300
0402300 Assessment and Classroom Environment 3 0402201
0402400 Teaching Methods of English Language 3 0402201
0401499 Capstone 3 0402400
0401490 Practicum 9 0402400
Fifth: Free Elective Courses (3) CR.H.
- - 3  

Guidance Plan

Course Description


No.CourseCourse NameBook Name & Alternative bookAuthorPublicationPub. Date
1 0401400 Children’s Literature Charlotte Huck's Children's Literature. 9th edition Barbara KieferJanet Hickman, and Susan Hepler McGraw-Hill Higher Education 2007
2 0401230 Basic Grammar Grammar in Context 1. 4th  Edition Elbaum, Sandra, N. Heinle 2005
3 0401224 Writing II Introduction to academic writing (3rd ed.) Oshima, A. and Hogue, A. Pearson: Longman 2007
4 0401121 English II Passages 2. 2nd Edition Jack C. Richards & Chuck Sandy CUP 2008
5 0401221 Listening and Speaking Skills 1 *Real listening and speaking 3*Tapestry Listening & Speaking, Level 3 (Middle East Edition) Craven, MRebecca L. Oxford CUPHeinle & Heinle Publishers 20082004
6 0401220 Reading Comprehension *Steps to Academic Reading in Context 4*Tapestry Reading L4 (Middle East Edition) Jean Zukowski/Faust and Susan S. JohnstonM.E. Sokolik Thomson HeinleHeinle ELT 20022004
7 0404101 French Language 1 *Latitudes 1 A1/A2. Méthode de Français*Le Nouveau Taxi ! Mérieux, R & Loiseau, YGuy Capelle Didier. ParisHachette 20082008
8 0402400 Teaching Methods of English Language - Content based second language teaching and learning: an interactive approach.- Teaching English as a second or foreign language. (3rd Ed.). USA:  -   How to Teach English. Haley, M. and Austin T.Celce-Murcia, Marianne... Harmer, Jeremy Pearson. ( not in circulation- on shelf onlyHeinle & Heinle. USA(2 copies)Longman: Essex, England 200420011998
9 0402101 Teaching Diverse Students Affirming Diversity: The sociopolitical context of multicultural education.3rd ed. Nieto, Sonia New York: Longman. 2000
10 0402201 Curriculum and Instruction Curriculum: Foundations, principles and Issues (5th.ed). Ornstein, A. C & Hunkins, F.P. .  Boston: Pearson education, Inc. 2009
11 0401430 Applied Linguistics *An Introduction to Applied Linguistics.*Second language learning and language teaching. Schmitt, N  Cook, V. Routledge  Routledge. 20102013
12 0402203 Educational Technology Teachers Discovering Computers: Integrating Technology and Digital Media in the Classroom. (6th Ed.) Shelly, G., B.; Gunter, G. A.; and Gunter, R. E Boston, MA:  Course Technology, Cengage Learning. 2010
13 0401120 Effective Communication Skills in English 1 Passages 1 Jack C. Richards & Chuck Sandy Cambridge University Press 2008
14 0401121 Affective Communication Skills in English 2 Passages 2 (Second Edition) Jack C. Richards & Chuck Sandy Cambridge University Press 2008
15 0401120 Affective Communication Skills in English 1 Passages 1(Second Edition) Jack C. Richards & Chuck Sandy Cambridge University Press 2008
16 0401009 Intensive Remedial English New Head Way Plus John and Liz Soars Oxford University Press 2014
17 0401231 Phonetics and Phonology I Introducing phonetics and phonology.. Davenport, M., Davenport, M. and Hannahs, S.J Routledge 2005
18 0403100 Educational psychology Educational psychology : 8th Ed Woolfolk, A Allyn & Bacon: Boston 2000

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