Ziyad Kamel Ellala, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133554



Ph.D in Special Education, Jordan University (2010)

Master in Special Education, Jordan University (2007)

Bachelor in Special Education, Jordan University (2004)

Research Interests

Special Education
Creativity and excellence

Selected Publications

  1. Behavioral Characteristics of Gifted Students in the Sixth to Ninth Grades in Al Ain, International Journal of Education Economics and Development, Vol. 10, No. 1, 2019, Switzerland.
  2. The Impact  of Using Cooperative Learning Strategy on Achievement of Students with Math Learning Disabilities, American Jurnal of Educational Research, USA
  3. Digital information resources: use and perceptions of deaf and hearing students, (2019) Digital Library Perspectives

  4. The Attitudes of Working Mothers Towards the Negative Aspects of Working for Long Periods of Time on Behavioral Counseling for Their Children, Information Sciences Letters, 2023, 12(1), pp. 277–287, 23

  5. Measuring emotional intelligence of outstanding students: An empirical study using Chapman scale, Gifted Education International, , 2022, 38(2), pp. 329–341

  6. Attitudes of Parents with (ADHD) towards the Most Prominent Challenges of Distance Learning in Light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education2021, 13(2), pp. 551–558.

  7. Exploring the use of educational technology among deaf students in the United Arab Emirates, Universal Journal of Educational Research2020, 8(10), pp. 4845–4852.

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  15. The Level of Multiple Intelligences of Deaf Adult Students at Al-Ain University and The University of Tabuk, Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education, Vol.12 No. 4 (2021), 549-567this link is disabledlink is disabled





  • A set of published research accepted for publication in scientific journals Arab court.
  • Participant in many different scientific conferences

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Al Ain University of Science and Technology.
  • Assistant Professor, College of EducationAl Qussaim university