Suzan Al Abidi, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133292


Doctor of Education/Curriculum and Instruction/Health Education. Plymouth State University, New Hampshire-USA, July 2018.

Master of Health Education/Promotion. Plymouth State University, New Hampshire-USA, March 2014.

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Technology. Jordan University of Science and Technology, 2005.

Research Interests

I am an educator who trained, through education and field experiences, to facilitate the teaching and learning of pre-service and in-service teachers. My background in Nutrition and Food Technology stemed my interest to integrate and employ the content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge in health and science education to promote curriculum development. I am also intersted in examining the context, circumstances, and social determinants of health and wellness Influencing Wellness/well-being Among pepole from different cultures. 

Selected Publications

  • Alabidi, S., Owais, A., Alabidi, F., & Taani, O. (2022). Exploring the Role of Reflective Diaries as a Formative Assessment Strategy in Promoting Self-Regulated Learning Among ESL Students. Practical Assessment, Research, and Evaluation27(1), 19.
  • Owais, A., Al-Abidi, S., & Taani, O. (2022). Teaching English Manner Adverbs to Arabic-Speaking EFL Learners Reflecting on Arabic Prepositions [Be Shaklen]. Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies18, 1051-1067.
  • Al Abidi, S.M, Al Khazaala, M, Taani, O., 2020, Factors Influencing Wellness/well-being Among Children From Mothers’ Perspectives. The Opcion, vol. 38, Especial No. 25.
  • Owais, A.K., Al Abidi, S.M., Hatamleh, Z.M., Hussein, E.T. 2020, Technical and vocational education and training in the UAE, International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning 15(13), pp. 264-288

Teaching Courses

 Foundation of Education, School Curriculum and UAE Curriculum, Thinking skills,  Curriculum and instruction, Methods of Teaching Math, Methods of Teaching Science, and Educational Technology. Class room management