Sherin M.S. Abushamon, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Al Ain Campus




  • Presenting : developing family school community educational partnerships program the Discovering Diamonds at the Innovate with Me Forum 2020, UAEU annual research and innovation conference: 2020, Al Ain, UAE.
  • The Best participant in the workshop entitled “Using educational information database” From Arab educational ‎information Network. 20/3/2018, UAE.‎
  • Session best presentation Award in the session Research and professional development, Institute of Academic researchers, 3rd world conference on education 2019 WCEDU 2019. The study title: "Comparison of the effectiveness of teaching educational research course in intensive and normal semesters, November, 29th 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


PhD in Leadership and policy studies in ‎education‎

Master in Education ‎ | UAEU

Bachelor in Engineering (Computer engineering) ‎ | IUG

Professional Diploma of Family Consultant- 100 training hours, From University of Sharjah

Certified as an Internal assessor assessment using direct and indirect methods.

EFQM Licensed assessor

IAOIP certified manager of innovation, the international association of innovation professionals, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Research Interests

  • Educational Partnerships.
  • Research Methodology.
  • Educational policy.
  • Educational Technology.
  • Methods of teaching.
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Meta-Analysis.

Selected Publications

Ali Ibrahim & Sherin Mahmoud (2017), Principals' communication styles and school performance in Al Ain government schools, UAE, International journal in research studies in education.6(1), 29-46.  Published

Sherin Mahmoud, WHAT HINDERS EDUCATIONALCHANGE? SCHOOL PRINCIPALS’ PERSPECTIVES IN THE UAE CONTEXT. Multilingual Academic Journal of Education and Social Sciences, 3(1), 52-73.



  • The second virtual international conference: The dynamics of social life during the Corona pandemic, Presenting paper about effort to improve alternative care services during the Corona pandamic, March 2022.
  • UAEU Annual Research and Innovation Conference: Big Data and improving education in the United Arab Emirates,4-5 February 2020,United Arab Emirates University.
  • The 3rd world conference on education 2019 WCEDU 2019, Comparison of the effectiveness of teaching educational research course in intensive and normal semesters”, November 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • The 5th international conference on education: education in the innovation era: closing gaps and ‎opening opportunities, Innovation in parental involvement: education stakeholders’ perspectives on improving parental ‎involvement in education, November 2019, Alain, UAE.‎
  • The First Graduate Students Research Symposium, Participatory ‎Program Development of Families, ‎‎Schools, and Community ‎Educational Partnerships in the United Arab ‎Emirates, February ‎‎2019, Alain, UAE.‎
  • The Graduate Students Research Conference (GSRC), Families, ‎Schools, and Communities Educational ‎‎Partnerships, April, ‎‎2019, Abu Dhabi, UAE. ‎
  • Conference in educational studies, Families, schools and community’s educational partnerships, ‎ 6-‎‎8/11/2018, Sharjah, ‎UAE. ‎
  • The third annual Graduate Students ‎Research Conference (UAE GSRC 2017), Parental involvement in children's education in Al Ain. Accepted ‎and presented on ‎March 20-21, 2017 and hosted by Khalifa University in Abu ‎Dhabi.‎
  • The Scope of Parental Involvement as a Social Capital of ‎Emirati Children: A Case Study.  Accepted ‎and presented in the International Conference on Social ‎Science, Arts, Business and Education, 16th -17th August ‎‎2017- Venice – Italy.
  • Students’ career readiness: A grounded theory study with ‎employers and employees in the United Arab Emirates. The third BUID doctoral Research Conference, 2017, UAE. ‎
  • Principal communication style and school performance ‎Graduate students Research conference 2015, UAE‎.‎
  • Presentation in the 5th annual GCES Symposium on ‎‎ “Locating ‎The National in The International: Comparative Perspectives ‎On ‎Language, Identity, Policy and Practice” from the Gulf ‎Comparative ‎Education Society, Principal communication style and school performance, 2014, UAE.

Professional Experience

Academic Experiences 

Fulltime assistant professor _ AlAin University.

Part_time asistant professor Al Ain University (Spring 2022).

Part_time Instructor – teaching assistant -research assistant as part of fellowship| UAEU- 2014 – 2018.

IT_Teacher_ Hessa ‎Preparatory ‎School_2004

Fulltime teaching assistant_College of engineering_IUG_2002-2003.


Other Experiences 

Senior Assessor in different Awards 

Sheikh Khalifa ‎Excellence ‎Award - Future Entrepreneurs ‎Award and internal awards indifferent organizations.

Trainer | different training institutes 

Preparing and delivering courses in education, social, engineering , business, research and data  fields ( Most recent. Power BI, Developing Survey, Developing Interview, Social research, Strategic thinking and future foresight  ..etc)

Acting excellence & strategy specialist in the alternative care- Acting head of planning and monitoring section .

Computer and Network Engineer.

Teaching Courses

Educational Research.

Methods of Teaching IT.

Instructional Technology.

School Curriculum and Curriculum in the UAE.


Member in The American Educational Research Association (AERA).

Member in Emirates Scholar.