Samer Adnan Abdel-Hadi, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133017


Associate professor of psychology at Al Ain University in Abu Dhabi with 13 years of experience in higher education. teaching various courses for the undergraduate and postgraduate professional diploma and chair central committees. Dr. Samer have implemented many services and activities in the field of community engagement. and have annual publications in indexed scholarly journals in the field of specialization. He has been working on national/international accreditation of academic programs, which involves monitoring and reviewing the documents in addition to measuring programs effectiveness so that they comply with standards for institutional licensure and program accreditation.  He ha also led training courses and workshops on psychology in the UAE, Kuwait, and Jordan


PhD Educational Psychology

Research Interests

Cognitive Emotion Regulation, Cognitive Empathy, Difficulties in Emotional Regulation, Effortful Control, Emotional Self-Efficacy, Emotional Social Competence, Self-Awareness, Assertiveness, Impulsiveness, Empathy, Well-Being, Mindfulness, Self-Regulation, Interpersonal Self-Efficacy, Interpersonal Sensitivity, Social Competence

Selected Publications

Abdel Hadi, S. (2023). Examine Emotional Regulation Difficulties Among University Faculty Members of Different Gender, Experience, Qualification, and Specialization In progress


Abdel Hadi, S. (2022). The Role of Self-Awareness in Predicting Level of Emotional Regulation Difficulties. Social Science Information, 61(3): …….-…....


Abdel Hadi, S. (2022). The Effect of Some Variables on Interpersonal Sensitivity Among University Students: A Field Study on a Ssample From Philadelphia University, Arab Open University in Jordan, and Al Falah University in Dubai.  Journal of Al-Quds Open University for Educational & Psychological Research & Studies , 13 (39): 200-2025


Abdel Hadi, S., Al Naser, A., Kamour, M. & Ashour, L., Al Qaruty, R. (2021). The Predictive Ability for Interpersonal Sensitivity in Impulsiveness Among Undergraduate Students. Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues, 24 (2): 1-17 The Predictive Ability for Interpersonal Sensitivity in Impulsiveness among Undergraduate Students (


Abdel Hadi, S. (2020). Interpersonal Self Efficacy Among Teachers in light of Two Variables: Gender (Male/Female) and Years of Experience. Psychology and Education, 57(8): 1096-1109 Interpersonal Self Efficacy Among Teachers in Light of Two Variables: Gender (Male/Female) and Years of Experience | Psychology and Education Journal


 Abdel Hadi, S, (2020). Predicting Ability for Emotional Self-Efficacy in Subjective Well-Being among Sample of Undergraduate and Graduate Students of Al Falah University. Al-Quds Open University Journal for Humanitarian and Social Research, 12(34): 105-122  Suggestibility and Its Relationship Towards the Attitude of Immigration Among University Senior Students (


Abdel Hadi, S, (2019). The level of cognitive and affective empathy in light of gender and academic year variables among 8th, 9th & 10th grade students. Journal of Content, Community & Communication. 5 (10): 50-63     jccc-12-19-06.pdf (


Abdel Hadi, S, Bustami, G. (2019). Cognitive Emotion Regulation among Students of the Master’s and Bachelor's degree at Al-Falah University in Dubai. Sylwan Journal, 163(3): 142-169 SYLWAN-Archive (


Abdul Hadi, S. (2019). Level of Interpersonal Emotion Regulation among Undergraduate Students at Al Falah University in Dubai. Dirasat Journal. 46 (2):238-259  EBSCOhost | 138763845 | مستوي تنغليم الانفعال بين الأشخاص لدى طلبة مرحلة البكالوريوس في جامعة الغلاح في دبي


Abdel Hadi, S. (2018). The level of social competence and its relation to school adjustment and academic achievement in light of the variables sex and academic year among secondary school students, Journal of Educational and Psychological Sciences. 20 (3): 471-508  The Level of Social Competence and Its Relation to School Adjustment and Academic Achievement in Light of the Variables Sex and Academic Year among Secondary School Students (



Professional Experience

Associate Professor of Psychology, College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences  

Al Ain University, UAE


Dean, College of Arts & Humanities

Al Falah University, UAE


Assistant Professor of Psychology

Abu Dhabi University, UAE


Assistant Professor of Psychology

Arab Open University, Jordan

Teaching Courses

Teaching courses for the undergraduate and postgraduate professional diploma: Educational psychology, classroom management, introduction to psychology, counseling psychology, behavior modification, action research skills, developmental psychology, psychology of personality, experimental psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, children’s and adolescents psychological problems psychology of creativity