Omran Ahmad Musleh, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Al Ain Campus

+971 3 7024907


PhD Education (Curricula & Instruction) Arabic Language- International Islamic University Malaysia. 2013

Master: Education (Curricula & Teaching) - An-Najah National University/ Palestine/ 2002

Bachelor: Arabic Language & Literature - An-Najah National University/ Palestine. 1996

General Secondary Certificate - Literary Section 1991

Research Interests

  • Teaching Arabic Language for Native Speakers.
  • Teaching Arabic for Non-Native Speakers.
  • Methods of Teaching Arabic
  • Teaching and Learning.
  • Curricula analysis.
  • Curricula Evaluation.
  • Curricula Design. 

Selected Publications

  1. Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies, Non-native speakers’ attitudes towards the use of short Arabic stories in language classes, 16, (4), 2020, 1760-1773. (Co- Author Research)


  2. Mediu International Journal of Educational and Psychological Sciences(MIJEPS), 

    Teaching Speaking Skill in Arabic Language Syllabuses for Non-Native Speakers: Analytical and Evaluation Study. V:1 N:1 ,  (Co- Author Research) November 2020, 387-427

  3. Universal Journal of Educational Research.The Effect of Concept Mapping on Arabic Grammar Proficiency: Al Ain University Students in the United Arab Emirates, v: 8, N: 9, 2020, 4089-4096. (Co- Author Research)
  4. AL-LISAN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL:: Foundations of Using the Narrative Text in Teaching Arabic Language for Non-Arabic Speakers: Descriptive & Practical Study. Vol, 2, No: 6, 2018, 154 -168 (Co- Author Research with Dr. Mohammed Abdulrahman Ibraheem).
  5. Publishing book in teaching Arabic Language for Non-Arabic Speakers. Book’s
    Topic: (Teaching Arabic using short stories for intermediate level). 2th Edition,  2018. ISBN 978-983-2879-20-6.(Co- Author with Dr. Mohammed Abdulrahman Ibraheem)
  6. publishing bookBook’s Topic :((Reading: Concept, Skills, Teaching and Evaluation)). 1th Edition, 27/12/2016. ISBN:978-967-0587-29-5KACI TRADING SDN. BHD Malaysia. (Co- Author with Dr. Fua'd Rawwash)
  7. Jil Scientific Research Centre: (Evolutional Study of Fiqh Ibadatsyllabus for B.A Students at Al Madinah International University on the Light of Quality Standards: a Lecturer’s Perspective). Volume: 26. 27/12/2016.(Co- Author Research)
  8. INTED 2016 Proceedings Pages: 3631-3640- Indexed by ISI :(University & Integrity: An Islamic Model)). 
  9. Majma’Online Journal-( Al- Madinah International University Malaysia) : (Strategies of Improving Language Skills for the Learner: Descriptive study.) Volume: 18, 05/07/2016
  10. Majma’Online Journal. Al- Madinah International University Malaysia: (The effect of parents’ qualification on Reading Comprehension upon Grade Tenth in Palestine).Volume: 13 / July 2015  
  11. Online Journal of Islamic Education O–JIE Faculty of Education --Malaya University – Malaysia: (Impact of free reading and place of residence in Arabic reading comprehension of tenth grade students in Palestine).Volume:3 Issue 2 July 2015.
  12. Majma’Online Journal-(Al- Madinah International University Malaysia) :(The impact of linguistic achievement in reading comprehension of tenth grade in Ramallah district Palestine).Volume: 12/ April 2015 /24 Pages.


  • International On Line Conference of Arabic Language - Sharjah. Teaching Arabic Online: Reality, Requirements and Expectations, 25-29/10/2020. UAE 
  • 8th International Conference of Arabic Language - Dubai, UAE, 11-13- April 2019
  • 1th International Educational Conference –MEDIU,16-17\11\2017. Co- Author Research.
  • Faculty of Languages (MEDIU) the 2th International Conference for Linguistic & Literary Studies (ICLS2016). 7-8/12/2016 Co- Author Research.
  • AL-Madinah International University Malaysia The international conference of Islamic Studies - MICIS2016- - 25-26\5\2016. Co- Author Research.
  • International Islamic University Malaysia-4th International Conference on Arabic Language & Literature: Teaching Arabic Language & Literature for specific purposes (ICALL 2013)–((Factors affects reading Comprehension in Arabic Language for Grade Tenth in Palestine: Achievement Level, Text Type and School Type)) 15 -17/ May 2013. Co- Author Research.
  • University science Islam Malaysia-The National Conference on: Generating Human Intellect through the Islamic Studies. (PIMKU 2010). ((Difficulties of the Non-Arabic Speakers in Learning Arabic in CELPAD: Student’s Perspective)). 23- 25 /June 2010.

Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor at collage of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences . 2018 present.
  • Head of Quality Assurance Committee – Master of Education Arabic Language Curriculum and Instruction  – College of Education - Al Ain University 2020-2021.
  • Lecturer at Language Center- AlBukhary International University 9/2017-5/2018.
  • Member of the Scientific Committee – First International Educational Conference – MEDIU 2017.
  • Section Editor- Educational Papers – Arrasikhun Journal. 1/2017-9/2017
  • Associate Professor at collage of Education-Al Madinah International University, Malaysia.
  • Arabic Teacher & Educational Supervisor and HOD Arabic Language Department- Ministry of Education, Palestine, and Malaysia for 15 years.

Teaching Courses

  • Teaching Methods of Islamic Education (Bachelor).
  • Islamic Culture   (Bachelor).
  • Teaching Methods of Arabic Language (Bachelor)
  • Teaching Methods of Arabic Language (Diploma).
  • Teaching Methods of Arabic Language skills (Master).
  • Evaluation in Arabic Language Curricula. (Master)
  • School Curriculum and UAE Curriculum (Diploma).
  • Teaching Arabic Language and Developing Thinking skills (Master).
  • Teaching Methods for Arabic Subjects.
  • Curricula and Teaching Methods.
  • Research methodologies in Arabic.
  • Basics of Reading in Arabic 1 – Language Center. (Mediu)
  • Basics of Reading in Arabic 2 – Language Center. (Mediu)
  • Basics of Composition in Arabic - Language Center. (Mediu)
  • Basics of Phonetics in Arabic. Language Center. (Mediu).