Mahmoud Gharaibeh, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133291



Long experience in university teaching. Besides, more than twenty years of experience in teaching, rehabilitation, and training students with determination inside and outside the UAE; in the field of special education. Also, I have participated in many national and international conferences.




M.A. Special Education, Amman Arab University, Jordan

B.A. Special Education, University of Jordan, Jordan

Research Interests

Special Education


Specefic Learning Disabilities,Dyslexia


Selected Publications

Gharaibeh, M., Sartawi, A., Dodeen, H. (2019).  The effects of rapid automatized naming and phonological awareness deficits on the reading ability of Arabic-speaking elementary students.  Applied Neuropsychology: Child journal, ISSN 2162-2973


 Elhoweris, H., Gharaibeh, M., et al. (2017). Attitudes toward and Images of Children With Special Need. International Journal for Research in Education, 41 (10), 280-296


Gharaibeh, M. (2018). Challenges of Arabic Language on Students with Dyslexia. Canadian International Journal of Social Science and Education, 16, 90-95.


Gharaibeh, M., & Dukmak, S. (2022). Effect of computer-based multisensory program on English reading skills of students with Dyslexia and reading difficulties. Applied Neuropsychology: Child11(3), 504-517.


Gharaibeh, M. (2021). Predicting dyslexia in Arabic‐speaking children: Developing instruments and estimating their psychometric indices. Dyslexia27(4), 436-451.


Dukmak, S. J., Mousa, A., & Algharaibeh, M. (2022). Child Behavior Problems as Predictors of Stress in Parents of Children with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities in Four Emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 1-28.


 I participated in April in the 2017 American Educational Research Association Conference in Texas, USA, which was held from April 28th- 2ed of May.


I participated in the International Conference on Social Science, Arts, Business and Education16th -17th August 2017 Venice – Italy


    Organizer of the second global conference, which was about gifted and talented students in the UAEU. (2015)


The first forum for Students with disabilities, University of Sharjah. Distance education in light of the challenges of Covid 19, 2020

Teaching Courses

Introduction to special education

Teaching reading and writing to students with special needs

Teaching mathematics to students with special needs

Assessment and diagnosis in special education

Teaching Diversity

Learning Difficulties

 Gifted and Talented Students

Integrative experiences

Field training in special education (Capstone)

Curriculum and Teaching Methods in Special Education

Counseling of families with Special Needs Students

Assistive Technology for Students with Special Needs

Psychological Problems with Children and Adolescents

Emotional and Behavioral Disability

Intellectual and Developmental disability


Member of the American Dyslexia Association

Member of the British Dyslexia Association

Member of the International Association for Dyslexia

Member of the American Association for Educational Research