Khawlah Mitib Al-Takhayneh, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Al Ain Campus

+971 3 7024 912


Mu’ta University, Jordan - Sociology

جامعة مؤتة ، الأردن - ماجستيرعلم الاجتماع/ تخصص علم الجريمة

Research Interests

Anomie, Social Policy, Terrorist Organizations, Risk Management and Assessment in Criminology, Social Mind Engineering, Social Development

Selected Publications

*The Effect of the Gender and Culture of the IELTS Examiner on the Examinees’ Performance on the IELTS Speaking Test  in the UAE Context



**On the Conflict of the End of History between Islamic Caliphate and Global Liberalism: From the Perspective of Thought and Public Opinion




***The problem of Arabic language retreat as a result of the symbols of cultural globalization




**** The use of technology in the service of terrorism, social networking sites as a model



*****The Effect of Working Mother's Long Working Hours on the Academic and Behavioral Guidance of Sons "from the Perspective of Working Mothers in the UAE (Al Ain Region)



*** ***"The role of social policies in reducing the prevalence of anomaly in Arab societies (UAE as a model)



******* "Methods of terrorist organizations via the Internet"


* Participation in the tenth social service conference 2019


** Second Dubai Conference of Social Sciences of the Canadian Journal of Social Sciences of Ontario 2017 *

Teaching Courses

Introduction to Applied Sociology

  Applied Sociology Methodology

 Sociological Theory
Applied Sociology Ethics

  Family Sociology

Economic and political sociology

Tourism sociology

Sociology of the environment

  Criminal Sociology

  Sociology of juvenile delinquency

  Social Practice Skills

  Sociology of population

  Drugs and Society

  Social change

  Social Policy

  Seminar in Applied Sociology


Association of Jordanian Academies 2019