Mohammad Salman Alkhazaleh, Ph.D


Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133526


Ph.D. Educational Foundations, University of Jordan, Jordan

Ph.D. Curriculum and Teaching Methods, Public and Private Accreditation Commission, Ministry of Higher Education, Jordan

Ph.D. Educational Administration, Public and Private Accreditation Commission, Ministry of Higher Education, Jordan

M.A. in Educational Foundations, Al Al-Bayt University, Jordan

Higher diploma in Educational Administration, Yarmouk University, Jordan

B.A. Educational Sciences, Yarmouk University, Jordan.

Research Interests

Educational thought

Educational policies

Teacher and school

Educational innovations

Selected Publications

- Alkhazaleh,mohammad.(2019) Obstacles Facing the In-Service Teachers' Training in the Schools of Mafraq Governorate from Their Point of View" Studies for Educational    Sciences,vol.46.No.2,pp.236 -247

- Alkhazaleh, M.S. and Al-Srehan, H. (2019) the role of principals and teachers of kindergartens in the development of ethical behavior among children in the UAE'Elementary Education Online, Vol. 18. No.3, pp. 1073-1086.

- Alkhazaleh,M.S. and Obeidat, B. (2019)  Educational Experiences and perceptions of American Students toward Arab Students in the US: A Qualitative Study' Journal of Institutional Research

South East Asia', Vol. 17 No. 1,pp. 73-95. 

- Alkhazaleh,mohammad.(2018) The Role of Zarqa University in Developing the Youths' Attitudes Toward Practicing Self Employment " Studies for Educational Sciences,vol.45.No.4,pp.166 180 

Teaching Courses

 Educational Research Methods and Statistics

Theories of educational curricula

Educational environment

Education basics

Educational Administration

Educational Psychology

Educational Sociology

Curriculum and Instruction

Education in a diverse environment

Integrative experiences

Thinking skills

Educational Thought



Member of Debono Center for Mainstreaming Thinking, Jordan

.Member of the Jordanian Library Association, Jordan

.Member of the Jordanian Society for Public Research, Jordan