Samir Jabra Dukmak, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Al Ain Campus

+971 3 7024888 Ext: 915


Ph.D. of Education - Special Education, Center for Educational Needs - University of Manchester, England (2002)

M.Ed. (Master of Education in Special Education), Center for Educational Needs - University of Manchester, England (1989)

Professional & Advanced Diploma in Community-Based Rehabilitation, Institute of Child Health, University of London, England (1988)

BA in Psychology & Sociology, Social Sciences Department, University of Bethlehem, Palestine (1985)

Research Interests

Inclusion, parental stress, students motivation, behavior problems, instructional tech.

Selected Publications

  • Dukmak, S. (2009). Ability grouping and teacher-students interaction in the middle primary schools in the UAE. Journal of the Faculty of Education, UAE University, vol. 26, 1-30.
  • Dukmak, S. (2009). Parents Adaptation to and parenting satisfaction with Children with Intellectual Disabilities in the United Arab Emirates. Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability, vol. 34 (4), 324 - 328.  
  • Dukmak, S. (2010). Patterns of interaction among students in both regular and Special education middle primary classrooms in the UAE. British Journal of Special Education, 37(1), 39-48.
  • Dukmak, S. (2013). Regular classroom teachers’ attitudes towards including students with disabilities in the regular classroom in the United Arab Emirates. The Journal of Human Resources and Adult Learning, vol. 9(1), 26-39.
  • Dukmak, S., Aburezek, I.  (2012). Family Functioning, Social Opportunities & Health as Predictors of Family Stress & Adaptation in Families of Children with Developmental Disability in the UAE. Journal of International Special Needs Education. 15(2), 120-135.  
  • Ishtaiwa, F. F. & Dukmak, S. (2013). Do Web 2.0 applications enhance learning in teacher education in the UAE? An exploratory study. International Journal for Research in Education,issue 33
  • Khamis, V., Dukmak, S., & Elhowereis, H. (2008). Factors Affecting the Motivation to Learn among United Arab Emirates Middle and High School Students. Educational Studies, 34, 3, 191-200.
  • Sartawi, A., Dukmak, S., &  Abu Hilal, M. (2009). Behaviour problems among students in the preparatory and elementary stages in public school in UAE. Journal of the Faculty of Education, vol. 26, 39-74. UAE University.  

Professional Experience

Associate Professor in Special Education. College of Education, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences