Salwa Abdallah Al-Majali, Ph.D

Director, Special Education, and Applied Psychology Programs

Associate Professor

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133 231


Salwa A. Al Majali is an Associate Professor of Psychological Counseling at college of Education, Al Ain University. Dr. Salwa gained her Ph.D. in Psychological and Educational counseling in May 2011 from University of Jordan. Her academic interest areas are: Behavioral modification, Cognitive psychology, educational psychology, Early Childhood Psychology and distance learning, she has over than 9 Journal articles published in international indexes, 1 book (Arabic) and other national articles.


Ph.D. - Philosophy: Educational and Psychological Counseling, University of Jordan - Jordan

M.A. Educational and Psychological Counseling, Mutah University. Jordan

B.A., Education in pre-School , University of Jordan,

Research Interests

 Behavioral Neuroscience , Health PsychologySocial PsychologySocial CognitionInterpersonal Relationships

Selected Publications

  1. Neuropsychological Characteristics of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Journal of Educational and Psychological Sciences, University of Bahrain , Volume 4, No. 4, December 2003.
  2. The Impact of Fun Therapy and Modifying the Negative Thoughts and Attitudes in Reducing the Anxiety of the Exam Among University Students. (2018).Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences. 13(11), pp. 4173-4179.
  3. Al Jarrah, Hani, Majali, Salwa. (2018). Moral Education. University Book House. First Edition. Arab Emirates.
  4. Creative skills acquired by university students through curricula | [Competencias creativas adquiridas por estudiantes universitarios a través de currículos.(2019).Opcion 35(Special Issue 21), pp. 752-767. 
  5. Factors (family, social, cultural, personal and psychological) affecting the cognitive development of gifted students.(2019). MECSJ , (10). 
  6. The Impact of family violence on the social and psychological developemen of the child. Utopia y Praxis Latinoamericana.Volume 24, Issue Extra5, 2019, Pages 199-207
  7. The digital world for children and the relationship with personal disorders.( 2020)..International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning Volume 15, Issue 1,  Pages 213-221.
  8. Values of Tolerance in Relation to Academic Achievements, Cultures, and Gender among UAE Universities Students.(2020).International Journal of Instruction.Vol.13, No.3. 
  9. Al Majali, Salwa; Ashour, Leana. (2020).The negative consequences of poor emotion management (Anger, Anxiety Frustration).Talent Development & Excellence Vol.12, No.2s, 2020,3410-3419.
  10. Positive anxiety and its role in motivation and achievement among university students.International Journal of Instruction. (2020) , International Journal of Instruction.Vol.13, No.4.
  11. Abuhmaidan, Yousef& Al Majali, Salwa.  The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on mental health among Al Ain university students in light of some demographic variable's.(2020). Psychiatria Danubina, 2020; Vol. 32, No. 3-4,
  12. Salwa A. Al Majali, Emad M. Alghazo.(2021).Mental Health of Individuals who are Deaf during COVID-19: Depression, Anxiety, Aggression and Fear".Journal of Community Psychology,49(6), pp. 2134-2143.
  13. Al Majali, Salwa; Avuhamiadan, Yousef.(2022).THE PSYCHOLOGICAL AND SOCIAL EFFECTS OF DISTANCE EDUCATION FROM THE VIEWPOINTS OF STUDENTS’ GUARDIANS.Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education-TOJDE January.Volume:23, Issue1,Pages:1302-6488.

Teaching Courses

Introduction to Applied Psychology, Psychology of Family Problems, Educational Psychology, Educational Technology, Psychological Measurements and tests Counseling,  Psychology Special Topics in Applied Psychology, Behavior Modification, Psychophysiology, Introduction to Psychological Health, Psychology of Personality, Clinical Psychology, Children's Psychological Problems, Teaching Diverse Students. Cognitive psychology. psychopathology, Psychology of Individual Differences. 





  • Member. American Psychhological Association (APA) October 2020.
  • Member. Jordanian Psychological Association, Jordan. 2011.
  • Member.  Karak - Birmingham Sisiter cities.
  • Founding member of both The Children’s Club and Young Scientists Project for gifted children in Al Karak, Jordan.