Mohammad Issa Al-Hourani, Ph.D

Head, Arabic Language and Islamic Studies Teaching Department and Professional Diploma

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133237


Ph.D in Arabic language /Literature criticism, Yarmouk University (2013)

Master Arabic language /Literature criticism, Hashemite University (2010)

BA Arabic language and literature, Yarmouk University (1987)

Selected Publications


The name of the bookPublishingPlaceHistoryDescription
1. Melodies of the death machine Dar Ibn Rushd Amman 1986. Poetry
2. Orchards ash Eagle House Amman 1991. Poetry
3. Seasons of Cordoba AL-Jazeerah RIADH 1999. Poetry
4. Dead without roofs Now publishers Amman 2015 Poetry
5. The Moon in ancient Arabic poetry Dar Hamada Irbid 2014 Critical and analytical studies
6. An eternity in the poetry of Rumi Dar elyazori Amman 2015 Critical and analytical studies
7. Problematic modernism in music poetry Under publication Amman 2016 Critical and analytical studies

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor at Al Ain University of Science and Technology from 2016 .
  • Lecturer at University of Jordan (2013-2015).
  • Head of Arabic language Pioneer schools for girls (2011 - 2016).
  • Member of the Planning Committee Board of education (2008 - 2011).
  • Head of Arabic language Riyadh Najd Group find (Riyadh) (1998 - 2008).

Magazines and Periodicals worked out

1. Awrag  magazine/Jordanian Writers Association Member of editorial board 2015-2016
2. Riyadh magazine find educational The editor in charge 1998-2008
3. Al dustour newspaper. Editor and proofreader 1992-1998

Courses and Skills

1. Cambridge International Diploma for it skills Talal Abu-Ghazaleh 2004
2. Formulate the thought-provoking educational goals De Bono Center for teaching thinking 2005.
3. Functional replacement The Board of education 2009
4. Instructor trainers Consolt 2015

Activities and Awards

  • A poet, writer and critic.
  • Holds a number of creative awards
  • Holds a number of written thanks and excellence in educational, informational and cultural fields.
  • A participant in a number of festivals and poetry.
  • Participant in more than television and radio interview
  • Member of the Jordanian Writers Association and Arab Writers Union and African and Asian writers Union
  • Publication: criticism/essays/poems/readings and studies: published in various newspapers and magazines, locally and regionally.