Hanene Lahiani, Ph.D

Deputy Dean, College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133264



Ph.D. English Language and Linguistics, University of la Manouba, Tunisia

M.A. English Language and Linguistics, University of la Manouba, Tunisia

B.A. English Language and Linguistics, Laval University Quebec, CANADA

Research Interests

English Language and Linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics, Visual Semiotics, Social Semiotics

Selected Publications

  1. Shana Z, Lahiani H, AlWaely S, AlShalabi N "University and Community: A plan for Communication" Utopia y Praxis Latinoamericana, 25 (Extra2), 2020 (303-311)
  2. Shana Z, Lahiani H and Mahmoud S "The effects of Kagan structures on UAE sixth grade students’ performance of reading comprehension: a pilot study," Education 3-13, November 2019.
  3. Hourani M and Lahiani H " The Prince of Arab Poets and his Critics: The Battle’s Hidden Motives" Opcion, Vol 35 Issue 24 (376-389), 2019
  4. Lahiani Chabchoub, Hanene. “Pictorial Foregrounding through Parallelism: When the Rule of Three Holds no Longer.” From Deconstructing Narrative Vehicles to La Réécriture. Ed. Sadok Damak and Moez Rebai. Sfax, Tunisia: CAEU Med Ali Editions, 2017 (179-202).
  5. Lahiani H. “Visual texts and argumentation: A reading into the relationship between texts and pictures in selected advertisements,” Proceedings of the 5th Tunisia- Japan Symposium on Culture, Science and technology, Sfax (Tunisia), May, 2004 (232-235).

Teaching Courses

  • Methods of Teaching English (Diploma)
  • Basic Grammar (major)
  • English 1 (Requirement /mandatory)
  • English 2 (Requirement /mandatory)
  • English 1 Business (Requirement /mandatory)
  • English 2 Business (Requirement /mandatory)



  • Board member of the Tunisian Association of Teachers of English 2013-2016
  • Member of the Research Laboratory of Approaches to Discourse “LAD”, University of Sfax, Tunisia