Amjad Kamal Owais, MA


Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133548


Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics. University of Technology Sydney [UTS], Australia (2009)

Bachelor in English Language for Specific Purposes [ESP], Jordan University of Science and Technology [JUST], Jordan (2006)

Research Interests

Global Englishes, Lingusitics, Applied Lingustics, Implications of the global spread of English, English language teaching, Critical applied linguistics, Language, popular culture and identity

Selected Publications

  1. Rutskaya, K.A., Znamenskaya, O.V., Rutskiy, V.N., (...), Gogoleva, I.V., Owais, A.K. 2020       Journal of Physics: Mastering software engineering with the help of the level model of competencies acquisition Conference Series 1515(2),022087

  2. Owais, A.K., Al Abidi, S.M., Hatamleh, Z.M., Hussein, E.T. 2020, Technical and vocational education and training in the UAE, International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning 15(13), pp. 264-288

Teaching Courses

English 1, English 2, English 1 for Business Students, English 2 for Business Students, Intensive Remedial of English


- Propell iBT TOEFL / AmidEast