A Virtual Seminar on Mental Toughness and its role in times of COVID-19

The College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences-Department of Applied Psychology Program (Abu Dhabi campus), organized a virtual seminar entitled: Mental Toughness and its role as a coping construct in times of COVID-19, given by Mr. Doug Strycharczhyk, AQR International, UK, Founder. And, under the supervision of Dr. Ganka Ivanova, Assistant professor in Psychology, AAU.
The seminar was attended by almost 200 students in total from both Abu Dhabi and Al Ain campuses and a number of faculty members, it has given students the opportunity to hear from industry expert-Mr. Doug Strycharczhyk, how specific psychological personality theory (built by Professor Peter Clough and developed by Dr. John Perry) results in the development of psychometric assessment test -Mental Toughness and how it had been used globally in 80 countries and helped to assess individuals and organizations. It shared insights gathered over 25 years of research and showed connectivity between Mental Toughness, resilience, and coping with Covid 19.

Students demonstrated high interest and engagement, took part in a few activities and discussions afterward, and had the chance to interact with the Global leader on assessments and to ask questions related to it, and received excellent industry insights and data from Global research. Dr. Ganka Ivanova, commented: It is always valuable to bring speakers from an industrial background, which would enable students to understand the application of the theoretical aspect in a practical environment.


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