Al Ain University is applying the "Work from Home" System

Al Ain University announced the activation of the "Work from Home" system for the academic and administrative staff in its both campuses, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi, where the percentage of workers who will be at the workplace shouldn’t exceed 10% of the total numbers of workers in the university. This decision came within the framework of the procedures followed by the UAE government to prevent the spreading coronavirus (COVID 19) to preserve the safety and health of the society.

Dr. Noor El Deen Atatreh (AAU Chancellor) said that the administration has taken all measures to ensure work remotely and held a training program for its employees on how to work from home, especially registering new students, responding to their inquiries, and receiving application requests through a special and innovative system created by the Information Technology Unit. Stressing that Al Ain University is keen on preserving the health of workers under the current circumstances.

Mr. Mohammad Saidat (IT Manager) Unit explained that Al Ain University uses the latest technologies and systems, which facilitates communication between university and employees, holding meetings, accessing all documents on their computers, and enabling them to work comfortably and smoothly.

Mr. Moath Abu Al-Rub (General Registrar) pointed out that under the current circumstances and within the university’s keenness on the safety of students, it gives them an opportunity to submit an admission application and payments through a special online system linked to the Admission and Registration Unit.

The Human Resources Unit has issued a circular to the employees who are not covered by the decision to continue to come to work, as usual, subject to the prevention instructions, until the issuance of any other directives.


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