Khalifa Library enhances the importance of reading

Khalifa Library at Al Ain University, Al Ain Campus, organized an open seminar on a book entitled "Reading: Its Concept, Skills, Teaching and Evaluation" by Dr. Omran Ahmed Al Sartawi, Associate Professor, College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences at AAU, and Dr. Fouad Mahmoud Rawash. The first edition of the book contains four chapters with 157 pages, published in 2016.

Dr. Al Sartawi spoke in details about the concept of reading and comprehension in general and the characteristics of Arabic language, especially the reading comprehension in terms of definition of understanding and comprehension language and terminology, and different views on reading and skills. He also addressed the classification of reading comprehension skills and critiques of these classifications, in addition to, the concept of reading evaluation. He completed the presentation by talking about some models of scientific research in the perspective of readers before commenting on the inputs from the audience. At the end of the seminar, Mr. Abdoulaye Kaba Library Director, presented a certificate of appreciation to Dr. Al Sartawi and thanked the participants for attending this important seminar. 


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