AAU Students Participate in Emirate Creations Exhibition

Al Ain University represented by Dr. Amer Qasem- AAU Vice President, and AAU students participated in the Emirati Creations Exhibition organized by Khalifa Award on the occasion of the 48th UAE National Day under the slogan, the Tolerance in Education, with participation of different universities in the UAE.

The Vice President participated in the opening ceremony of the exhibition and received an appreciation trophy from Khalifa Award, while AAU students participated with various innovations.

The first project was signing the document, ‘No to extremism .. No to fanatic’, coinciding with the Year of Tolerance in order to raise awareness among the youth of intolerance and intellectual, religious and cultural extremism.

The Second project was “ZenSafe” which is an innovated product that mainly focuses on eliminating the mishaps happening to students in school bus of different ages. The safety equipment’s are easy to use for every individual at a low cost, it should be set up in every school bus in the UAE. “ZenSafe” is a product or system to track kids while they travel to and from school, it provides a dashboard (hardware installed in bus) to give alerts to drivers when they forgot children in the bus or if the kids have not boarded the bus from school.


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