AAU and Dar Zayed promote family care

Al Ain University represented by the College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences hosted Mr. Ishaq Al Bloushi, Director of Corporate Communications at Dar Zayed for Family Care to present a lecture on the role of Dar Zayed in family and orphan care, in the presence of Prof. Majed Al Jallad, Dean of the College of Education, academic staff and students.

The lecture focused on the most important projects offered by Dar Zayed for the children who don’t have a family by providing a climate that is close to the natural family status within the incubator families under specific conditions, so that the family takes full responsibility of care and education, In line with the true Islamic religion and the culture of the UAE society and its customs and traditions. And to provide all forms of social, psychological, health and educational care for them, so they will be able to rely on themselves and to serve their community. The project also aims to achieve the psychological and social stability of children and their integration into society, which contributes to the formation of an independent and responsible personality.

Mr. Al Bloushi stressed that Dar Zayed is working to empower the children under its care, to enhance their opportunities for integration into the society and to help them to join the labor market in the future, as well as, to respond to all their needs and living necessities under the supervision of specialists, social and educational supervisors.


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