Al Ain University Celebrates Portfolio Day

Al Ain University Celebrates Portfolio DayThe College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences at Al Ain University, based in Al Ain, organized a Portfolio Day. The ceremony was attended by Dr. Ghaleb Al-Rifai and Dr. Omar Khasawneh, Dean of the College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, and a number of faculty deans and faculty and graduates of the Professional Diploma in Teaching.

The university president, Dr. Ghalib Al-Rifae was delighted from seeing how the educational programs have reflected positively upon the students' effort and brought new ideas to enrich the outcome of students in terms of academic achievement and educational outputs after completing the courses.

He stated the project provided students with the chance to make great efforts of research and monitoring in the grooming of these files in accordance with scientifically academic preparation requirements which helps the pupils to develop action plans, curricula and programs of their education after graduation.

Dr. Rifae also said that the field training or what is usually called "Practical Education" is a fundamental portion of the Teacher Preparation Program and comes at the remainder of the course of study. It was during the field training that the students apply the instructors’ theories successfully at the college endorses a number of qualified supervisors, teachers, field trainers and professors.

Dr. Omar Al Khasawneh said that all preparations during the study period are documented by the student teachers in a file known as the portfolio, which is a lot of business practices of student teachers who show achievement of the objectives of the field training. The festivity was a completion of a mirror reflecting all the sciences and experience acquired by the pupil and the teacher training and the following-up on acquisition.

At the conclusion of the celebration, Dr. Ghaleb Al-Rifae certifies students who have attained the first level setup file completion as he toured to see their profiles, which reflect the distinctive clear and concrete continuous hard study.


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