A Seminar on the Effectiveness and Impact of Audit Committees

A Seminar on the Effectiveness and Impact of Audit CommitteesThe Abu Dhabi Centre for Corporate Governance and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs at the Al Ain University in Abu Dhabi campus, organized a seminar entitled "Effective Audit Committees and Their Impact on the Objectivity of Internal Audits: A Field Study of the Banking Sector in the UAE," at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Abu Dhabi.

The seminar was attended by internal audits from the banking sector, government sector, corporations, as well as internal audits at auditing firms.

Dr. Riham Muqattash, faculty member at the AAU College of Business Administration, gave a brief introduction on the objectivity and independence of internal audits as published by the Institute of Internal Audits. She also clarified the relationship between auditing committees and the objectivity of internal audits post the 2008 crisis through drawing on the paper’s results and comparing them to other countries. Finally, Dr. Muqattash referred to the relationship between the qualification and length of experience to the internal audits’ objectivity.


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