Workshops in Educational Institutions in Abu Dhabi

Workshops in Educational Institutions in Abu DhabiOut of belief in the importance of partnership with the community, the Deanship of Student Affairs at Abu Dhabi campus, in cooperation with the Community Engagement Committee in the College of Education, organized a two-day workshop and training course at Umm Ammar public school in Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Enas Abu Libdeh, faculty member at the AAU College of Education, delivered the workshop which included training teachers to identify strategies and applications in the integration of technology in education to enhance students' motivation to and change teacher attitudes towards incorporating technology in teaching. The workshop also provided a demonstration on producing teaching resources to be used in e-learning such as designing e-questionnaires. Twenty teachers from the school attended the course and expressed their appreciation of the dynamic and interactive activities. They also commended the presenter for engaging the attendees through interesting questions and activities.


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