Razan Numan AlKhatib, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Al Ain Campus

+971 3 7024904



Ph.D. Special Education, University of Jordan, (2015 - 2018)

Master of Education in Special Education, University of Jordan (2011- 2014)

BA in Special Education, University of Jordan ( 2007 -2011)

Research Interests

  • Autism
  • Inclusion
  • learning disaabilities 
  • Strategies for teaching students with disabilities.
  • parental stress

Selected Publications

Altakhaineh, A.R.M. and Alkhatib, R, Alhendi, H.(2022).The Acquisition of Basic Word Order by Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.Psycholinguisticsthis


Dukmak, S.J.Alkhatib, R.N.(2021).Social Support and Social Opportunities as Predictors of Stress among Parents of Children with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities in Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates.Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disabilities


Altakhaineh, A.R.M. and Alkhatib, R. (2019). The Acquisition of the Arabic Construct State (CS) constructions by Arabic Speaking Children with ASD. Advances in Autism.


Altakhaineh, A.R.M. and  Zibin,A, Alkhatib, R.(2020) On the Acquisition of the Arabic Grammatical Gender
by Arabic‐Speaking Children with ASD.Journal of Psycholinguistic Research


Alkhatib, R and EL zraigat, I. (2019) Designing a Curriculum Based on Teaching Numerical Skills and Measuring its Effectiveness on Acquiring Mathematical Skills and its Use among a Sample of Children with Autism. Dirasat.

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor in Special Education. Special Education Program, College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences.  AL.Ain University, UAE (2018 -  present).
  • Instructor, College of Education, Al- Israa University, Amman, Jordan,  ( 2014 - 2016 ). 

Teaching Courses

  •  Teaching Reading & Writing for Children with Special Needs
  • Teaching mathematics for Children with special needs
  •   Introduction to Special Education.
  •   Gifted and Talented
  •    Assessment and Measurements in Special Education .
  • . Behavioral and Emotional Disorders.
  • . Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • . Communication Disorders 
  • . Inclusion for Children with Special Needs 
  • . Learning disabilities 
  •  Capstone in Special Education