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The program of Applied Psychology deals with the practical study of human character and behavior through the application of the theories of Psychology and its principles in various areas, such as the social, administrative, industrial, informational, and the empirical, in addition to the educational side where the program distinguished on the basis that it is established on a practical basis, depending on its origin on the practical skills and on-going training in the field for the workers and the field of human development for non-workers.



The Department of Applied Psychology aims at becoming a pioneer at both local and international levels in preparing specialists in psychology, teachers of psychology, and psychology researchers. It also aims at providing psychological and research consultations in the various fields of applied psychology.



The program aims at preparing scientifically qualified staff in applied psychology such as specialists, teachers, researchers and councilors through providing the services and psychological consultations to members of society and to the state and private sectors.



  • Design psychological research and standards for the interpretation of various behavioral phenomena.
  • Employ psychology theories in suggesting solutions related to behavior and psychological advising.
  • Apply the principles of Applied Psychology in the training field with the purpose of suggesting solutions and offering psychological consultations that contribute to developing a work environment.
  • Interpret the results of psychological tests and standards on various psychological states and behavioral situations.
  • Develop clear directions for projects interested in applied psychology after graduation.


Graduation Requirements

To obtain a Bachelor degree of Arts in Applied Psycology Education, a student must successfully complete 126 credit hours, with a minimum (CGPA) of 2 out of 4.


Learning Outcomes

  • Determine the basic principles and conceptions in Applied Psychology, and apply them in the various fields he/she works at
  • Determine the basic psychological, social, and biological factors that help in the interpretation of psychological behavioral phenomena
  • Participate in situations that depend on critical thinking, and solve problems creatively, using methods of problem-solving in their various psychological methods
  • Design research in various fields of applied psychology, and interpret their results truly and in accordance with the ethical standards of scientific research
  • Develop distinguished interactive relationships with others, and enhance their abilities in collective work
  • Demonstrate sufficient knowledge and skills in writing, and present demonstrations in various psychological subjects depending on modern technology
  • Apply the concepts and principles of applied psychology and its theories in the work environment as related to the specifications and description of tasks, analysis of work, choice of workers, and specifying the problems that encounter both employers and employees and solving them
  • Participate in projects and tasks that specializes in applied psychology deal with, and demonstrate their effect on self-development
  • Acquire skills necessary for the application of psychological tests and standards and interpret their results
  • Carry out practical skills required for the specialization in employing laboratories and make use of practical training


Job Opportunities 

  • Works in solving psychological & behavioral problems of people in various settings such as legal, business, sports, forensics, education and others.