Majed Zaki Al-Jallad, Ph.D


Al Ain Campus

+971 3 7024900


Postgraduate Supervision:

Supervising and examining a lot of Ph.D. and M.Ed. Theses and Dissertations


Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction, 1997, Manchester University, UK

Master Islamic Studies, 1992, The University of Jordan, Jordan

B.A Islamic Studies, 1989, The University of Jordan, Jordan

Research Interests

Islamic Education, Religious Education, Teaching Values

Selected Publications

  • Practical Guide for Educational Values: Theory and Practice (2014) , Qemam Almarefah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. .
  • Behavioral environmental values ​​in Islam: Water, Energy and Environment (2014), co-author,  Amman, Jordan.
  • Scientific Research in Islamic education in Jordan: an analytical bibliographical study  (2011), International Institute of Islamic Thought, USA.
  • Teaching Islamic Education (2006) (Co-Author),  Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates University Press.
  • Learning and Teaching Values (2013), Amman, Dar Al-Maserah, Third Edition,
  • Teaching Islamic Education: Theory and Practice (2010), Amman, Dar Al-Maserah, (Second Edition)..
  • Value System of Students at Ajman University of Science and Technology Network in the light of some variables, University of Um Alqra Journal, 20(2), p.p. 367-430, 2008.    
  • The Effectiveness of Using  Probing Questions on  Achievement of Tenth Basic Grade Students in Islamic Education, University of Sharjah Journal, 5, p.p. 217 - 245, 2008.
  • The Effectiveness of Evaluation Tools used by Islamic Education Teachers on the Assessment of Students'  Performance in the United Arab Emirates, University of Sharjah Journal, 4(3), p.p. 1- 35, 2007. 
  • The Effectiveness of Using Brainstorming Strategy on Students' Achievements and Developing Their Creative Thinking Skills in Islamic Education, University of Um Alqra Journal, 19 (2), p.p. 55- 104, 2007.
  • The Effectiveness of a Cloud Computing-based Learning Program in Enhancing Students' Motivation to Learn Islamic Education in UAE, 2020, Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy, 11 (6):1397-1408
  • The Effectiveness of "ALEF" as the Digital Curricula Educational Program in the Students' Learning Recitation Rules and Their Attitudes Towards it, International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, 2020. 24 (7), 10097-10112. 
  • The Effectiveness of A Cloud-Based Learning Program In Developing Reflective Thinking Skills In Islamic Education Among Students In UAE, International Journal of Education and Practice, 2020, 8 (1), 158-178.  
  • Cloud Learning Applications in Teaching Islamic Education in the United Arab Emiratis, 2020, Multicultural Education, Vol. 6, Issue 5. (195- 203).    
  • The Effectiveness of Employing Blended Learning on Sixth Grade Students` Achievements and Reflective Thinking Skills Development in Islamic Education in the United Arab Emiratis, (2020) Multicultural Education, Vol. 6, Issue 5. (216 - 223).
  • Teacher Trainers’ Commitment to Professional Teaching Ethics at the University of Al Ain, UAE, Elementary Education, (2021); 20 (1): pp. 1071-1085.



Professional Experience

Job TitleInstitutionPeriod
Professor Al Ain University   21-8-2016 - Now
Dean of College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences   Al Ain University  7/9/2017 - 31/5/2020
Professor Yarmouk University 14-9-2012 – 20-8-2016
Senior specialist Abu Dhabi Education Council – UAE 14-9-2011 – 13-9-2012
Professor Yarmouk University 1-4-2010 -  11-9-2011
Associate Professor Yarmouk University 1-9-2009 – 31-12-2010
Deputy Dean of Student Affairs  Ajman University 1-9-2007 – 31-8-2008
Assistant Director of Ajman University – Fujairah Campus   Ajman University 1-9-2005 – 1-9-2007
Associate Professor Ajman University 1-9-2004 – 31-8-2008
Associate Professor Yarmouk University 11-3-2002 -31-8-2004
Assistant Professor Yarmouk University 7-2-1998 – 10-3-2002
Educational Supervisor Yarmouk University Schools 1999 – 20042008/2009
Lecturer Sharjah University – UAE Second Semester 2007/2008
Lecturer Fujairah College – UAE Summer Semester 2007/2008

Teaching Experience:

  • (Ph.D Level): Curriculum Implementation Strategies. The Philosophy of Values in Islam,
  • Teaching and Learning Islamic Education.
  • (M.Ed. Level): Islamic Educational Theory, Educational Research In Islamic Education, Methods of Teaching Islamic Education, Curriculum Theory and Design, Content Analyses of  Islamic Education Curriculum.
  • (Diploma Level): Methods of Teaching Islamic Education.
  • (B. Ed. Level): Emirates Society, Educational Research Methodology, Educational Evaluation, Psychology, Children Literature, Methods of Teaching Arabic Language,          Teaching Models and Strategies, Learning and Teaching Values, Methods of Teaching Islamic Education, Curriculum Innovations, General Teaching Methods, Islamic System, Islamic Culture.