Maher Al-Hawamleh, Pd.D


Al Ain Campus



Ph.D in Curricula and Instruction of Islamic Education, The University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

M.A in Curricula and Instruction of Islamic Education, University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, United Kingdom

High-Diploma in Education, Mutah University, Jordan

B.A. in Islamic Law/Sharia (Jurisprudence and Legislation), University of Jordan, Jordan

Research Interests

Religious and Spiritual Education, Teaching Strategies, Faith Schools Education, Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Selected Publications

  1. Al-Hawamleh, Mahir Shafiq (2019) Storytelling as promoting moral consciousness: Religious Education teachers’ perspectives, International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research, 18(10), 20-33.
  2. Al-Alawneh, Muhammad, Hawamleh, Mahir, Al-Jamal, Dina & Sasa, Ghada (2019), Communication skills in practice. International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research (IJLTE), 18(6), 1-19.
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  4. Al-Hawamleh, M. (2016) The Extent of Integration between Islamic Education Textbook and the Tenth grade Textbooks in Jordan (in Arabic), Journal of Islamic and Human Advanced Research, 6(4), 1-29.
  5. Al-Hawamleh, M., and Al-Eqabi, S. (2016) The Reality of the Use of Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities in the Teaching of Islamic Education Textbook in Baghdad (in Arabic), Al-Manarah for Research and Studies.
  6. Al-Omari, R., Al-Shuraifien, E., and Al-Hawamleh, M. (2016) Promoting Social Security in the Islamic Culture Textbooks, Journal of Al-Quds Open University for Research & Studies, 40(2), 125-160.
  7. Al-Idili, A., Samara, N., Al-Hawamleh, M. (2014) Quranic texts related to the environment and their employment extent in the 1st circle of the basic stage Science Textbooks in Jordan (in Arabic), Journal of Educational and psychological Aciences, University of Bahrain, 15(1), 345-379.
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 Al-Hawamleh, M. (2012) Nurturing child spirituality in accordance with the Islamic Educational System, Scientific papers of the second international conference: contemporary Islamic educational visions – reality and ambition, vol. (2) pp. 1124-1146, Publications of Al-al-Bayt University.

Professional Experience

1- 15 year of Universities Teaching from 2004- present

2- 2 year of Undergraduate University Students Supervision from 1996 - 1998

3- 3 year as an Islamic Education Teachers from 1993 - 1996

Teaching Courses

Postgraduate Courses (PhD and MA):

  • Advanced Study in the Islamic Thought
  • Islamic Educational Thought
  • Islamic Educational Theory
  • Pioneers in Islamic Thought
  • Institutions of Islamic Educations
  • Educational Curricula Planning
  • Curriculum Theory
  • Teaching Thinking and Values in Islamic Education
  • Education and Development in the Islamic Perspective
  • Analysis of Islamic Education Curricula and textbooks
  • Research Methods in Islamic Education
  • Seminar in Islamic Education
  • Educational Administration in Islam
  • Computer Implications in Islamic Education
  • Qur’an and Hadith Instruction
  • Creed (Aqidah), Prophetic Biography (Sirah) and Jurisprudence ( Fiqh) Instruction
  • Curricula Planning and Development
  • Development of Jordanian Educational System
  • Curricula of Jordanian Schools development
  • Islamic Education Instruction (1)
  • Islamic Education Instruction (2)
  • Instruction and their Practical Implications (1)
  • Instruction and their Practical Implications (2)
  • Computer Skills in Teaching Practice


Undergraduate Courses:

  • Islam and Contemporary Issues
  • Introduction to Dawa and Islamic Media
  • Presence of the Islamic World
  • Research Methods and Resources of  Islamic Studies
  • Teaching children in Islam
  • Islamic Studies Texts in the English Language
  • Islamic  Concepts and Values
  • Computer Use in Education
  • Islamic Education and Instruction
  • Teaching Methods in the First stage Classes
  • Vocational Education and Instruction
  • Educational Curricula
  • Instruction and Curricula of Kindergarten
  • Educational Materials for Children
  • General Teaching Methods