Khaleel Shehadeh AlArabi, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Al Ain Campus


Dr.  Khaleel AlArabi holds a Ph.D.  in Curriculum and Instruction from the United Arab Emirates University, UAE. he got a Master’s degree in Science Education from Yarmouk University, Jordan. Moreover, Dr. AlArabi holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics and graduated from Yarmouk University in 2008.


 Dr.  Alarabi is an Assistant Professor at Al Ain University, teaching and supervising undergraduate and diploma students at the College of Education. Throughout his teaching experience, he was always nominated to be a part of teams working to assess and develop Science curriculum and education methods. Dr. Alarabi was always interested in promoting critical thinking in science education. Thus, he conducted many training courses and workshops on critical thinking. Besides, he had many training courses in using technology to teach science, for example, "Systematic Learning Solutions: Expert Evaluation," University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. As a science teacher, he got many awards, such as Hamdan Bin Rashid Award for Distinguished Teacher and Sharjah Award for Excellence and Educational Excellence - Applied Educational Research Category. Also, he had built upon his interest in developing science education through participation in many projects on assessing online learning.


Alarabi has many research publications in highly ranked, indexed journals.  His research interests include National and International Assessments, STEM education, education reform, misconception, science curriculum, physics education research, approaches related to teaching, and providing students with meaningful learning and beneficial participation.



Unitied Arab Emirates University, UAE 2021

Yarmouk University

Yarmouk University

Research Interests

  • National and International Assessments

  • STEM education

  • Education reform

  • Misconception

  • Science curriculum

  • Physics education research

  • Approaches related to teaching and providing students with meaningful learning and beneficial participation.

Selected Publications

1)     Alarabi, K., Alqawasmi, A., Alsalhi, N., & Althunibat, F. (2022). The Effect of the Flipped Classroom on the Academic Achievement in Physics and Motivation Among Students of Secondary Stage in JordanInformation Sciences Letters12(1), 211-220.


2)      Alqawasmi, A., Alarabi, K., Alsalhi, N., & Althunibat, F. (2022). The Effectiveness of Science Teachers’ Use of Scientific Inquiry in Distance Learning During the Spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Jordanian Public SchoolsInformation Sciences Letters12(1), 185-196.


3)     Alarabi, K., Tairab, H., Rabbani, L., & Hamad, S. E. H. (2022). Teachers’ and students’ attitudes toward online physics education during the COVID-19 pandemic in UAE. International Journal of Instruction, 15(4), 293-310.


4)     Hamad, S.; Tairab, H.; Wardat, Y.; Rabbani, L.; AlArabi, K.; Yousif, M.; Abu-Al-Aish, A.; & Stoica, G. (2022). Understanding Science Teachers’ Implementations of Integrated STEM: Teacher Perceptions and Practice. Sustainability, 14, 3594.

5)     Rabbani, R.; AlArabi, K.; Najeh Rajeh Alsalhi, N.; & Al Qawasmi, A. (2022). Roles Interplay between Teachers and Students in the Provisions of Feedback: Establishing a Common Ground. International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education (INT-JECSE), 14(1): 688-696. DOI: 10.9756/INT-JECSE/V14I1.221081.


6)     Alsalhi, N., Al Qawasmi, A., Al Arabi, K., Al- Zubaidi, N., & Alshannag, Q. (2022).  Science Teachers’ Perceptions towards Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Learning: A case study in Jordan. Information Sciences Letters, 11(1), 36-47.


7)     Alarabi, K, Alwardat, Y. (2021). UAE-based Teachers’ Hindsight Judgments on Physics Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Psychology and Education Journal, 58(3), 2497-2511.


8)     Tairab, H., Al Arabi, K., Rabbani, L., & Hamad, S. (2020). Examining Grade 11 science students’ difficulties in learning about vector operationsPhysics Education55(5), 055029.



  • Excellence, Gifted Education, Innovation, & Creativity in Basic-Higher Education, Ajman-UAE, June 10-12, 2021.The effect of the flipped classroom strategy in teaching physics on the academic achievement and motivation among students of the secondary stage in Jordan.
  • The 5th International Conference on Education (ICE). Alain, UAE, 2019. “Prevalence and Nature of Grade 11 Science Students’ Misconceptions about Vector Operations”.
  • The Asian Universities Alliance Postgraduate Academic Forum 2018. Beijing, China. “Are People Worried about the Use of Robots in Schools?”
  • The Asian Universities Alliance Postgraduate Academic Forum 2018. Beijing, China.

“Moral Education and Coming to a Consensus on Educational Roboethics”


  • Fourth UAE Graduate Students Research Conference (GSRC 2018). “The Impact of Intensive Teachers' Training on Improving the UAE Students' Achievement in the PISA International Exam”
  • The curriculum and methods of instruction forum. Alain, UAE, 2018. “Preparatory & Secondary Education Program (PSEP) A Comprehensive Critical Review”
  • 7th Mathematics Science and Technology Education Annual Conference. Alain, UAE, 2015. “Using Google Sites to Foster 21st Century Skills in Science Education

Professional Experience

September 2021 To date

Assistant Professor at Al Ain University of Science & Technology (AAU), Al Ain, UAE.

Teach: Educational Technology, Instructional Technology, School Curriculum and Curriculum in the UAE, and Methods of Teaching Science


September 2018 To June 2020

Research Assistance, United Arab emirates university (uaeu), UAE.



September 1993 To February 1994

Teacher of Physics at Queen Alia College, Amman - Jordan

Teach undergrad students.


1999 - 2021

Full-Time Teacher of Physics, Al Ain Educational Zone, Al Ain, UAE.

Teach secondary-level courses to UAE nationals. Monitor and evaluate Students' progress.

Teaching Courses

Educational Technology, Instructional Technology, School Curriculum and Curriculum in the UAE, and Methods of Teaching Science


  • American Education Research Association (AERA)
  • UAE Schoolars