Abdullah AbdulRahman AlSaadi, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Al Ain Campus

+971 3 7024921



Ph.D. Arabic Language, Baghdad University (1994)

MA. Arabic Language, Baghdad University (1989)

BA. Arabic Language, Baghdad University (1978)

Research Interests

Arabic, Islamic culture, Contributions of Arabs and Muslims, Philology, Grammar, Morphology.

Selected Publications

  • Alsaadi, abdullah. (2013). Almuarrab in Quran. Journal of college of sharia&Islamic Studies in Qatar University. (31) 1:5545 – 2305.  
  • Alsaadi, abdullah. (2013). Emphatic NOON in the Grammarians’ and Exegists’ Perspective. University of sharjah jouranal. (9) 3 : 1996 – 2339.
  • Alsaadi, abdullah.(2012). Growth in the elicitation of the Arab tongue. Almaaref University College in iraq . (20) : 1815 – 3364.
  • Alsaadi, abdullah. (2012).Language social legitimacy. The Fourth International Conference in Cairo University.
  • Alsaadi, abdullah. (2010).Jurists and their impact in the Arabic language. Manar Al islam. General Authority of Islamic Affairs & Endowments.(430) .
  • Alsaadi, abdullah. (2009).The contributions of Muslim scholars in Arabic . Second World Conference of the Arabic language and literature in Malaysia.
  • Alsaadi, abdullah. (2005)  Educational environment in the primary stages. Alkhaleej newspaper,UAE. (9392).
  • Alsaadi, abdullah. (2000)The different syntactic situations in the service of meaning. Almaaref University College in iraq . (3) : 1815 – 3364.
  • Alsaadi, abdullah. (1994)Meaning and its impact on pausing and beginning  in the holy Qur'an. Doctoral thesis.
  • Alsaadi, abdullah. (1989) The meanings of tools, Letters and syntactic. Master's Thesis

Teaching Courses

Morphology and Syntax,EloquenceMorphology. Studies, Phonetics and Intonation, Inimitability, Interpretation of the Holy Qur'an and Interpreters' curricula, Research and Library, Islamic and Modern Literature, Arabic Language (general requisite), The History of the Science in Islam,Philology.


  • Member for Society of Arabic Language Protection in the UAE
  • Member of Scholars Association Society in Iraq – Branch of Al Anbar.
  • Member of Islamic Literatures Society in Iraq.