Abu Dhabi Campus

AAU Abu Dhabi campus

Recently, a new building has been opened for the Abu Dhabi campus in Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed city, which is easily accessible, away from the feeling of overcrowding or congestion. The architecture and establishment of the campus are in the latest designs that meet the needs of students and make them spend their academic years with entertaining comfort. The building houses classrooms that are equipped with learning techniques, computer labs and on-campus free WiFi which provides the students and researchers immediate access to various sources of education.

It also includes a library, classrooms, a theater that can contain more than 600 people and a conference room. In addition to many utilities, there are indoor and outdoor eateries, where the latter is located on the building’s balcony. Furthermore, it contains a playground yard and a gym prepared with the latest sports equipment and many other facilities and services that make the University a distinctive educational environment.


Al Ain Campus

AAU Al Ain Campus

Al Ain campus is located in the heart of Al Ain city where it can be accessed with ease. The campus blocks are set with all the necessary equipment that academically cater the students’ needs. The campus also features auditoriums, classrooms and science laboratories, modern library with thousands of books, references and soundproof classrooms. It also features several recreational facilities intended to provide comfort to the students mentally, physically and emotionally, and those would include the gym, health club, mosque, cafeteria and student lounges. Moreover, there is a free wireless WiFi throughout the campus, which is not only open to the students and the employees, but also to the visitors from outside the University.