College Goals:

The College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences aims to achieve the following goals:

1. Deepen students’ knowledge in the nature of their specialty area, its structure, content, concepts, and strengthen students’ knowledge of the human nature and characteristics in various developmental stages.

2. Provide students with the skills of: analysis, planning and implementation of experiences related to the specialty requirements.

3. Enable students to understand and take into account human diversity when dealing with individuals from different cultural backgrounds.

4. Develop students’ abilities of critical thinking, creativity and problem solving as well as continuously improve performance and professional development skills through practical and field experiences.

5. Enable students to employ technologies and communication tools in the specialty field, taking into account the ethical and legal standards that regulate their use.

6. Develop students' skills in the areas of inquiry and scientific research that enhance work experience in their specialty field.

7. Provide students with evaluation skills that enable them to make correct judgments and take right decisions.

8. Equip students with the needed skills of dealing with the strategic partners that assure the achievement of the desired goals.

9. Reinforce students’ positive attitudes and human values towards their specialty area and profession to be in consistency with professional ethics.